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  • spc_stnv_000053.pdf

    The seminar was held at the Manned Spacecraft Center, September 25-26, 1969.
  • spc_stnv_000064.pdf

    Written by NASA Office of Manned Space Flight Associate Administrator George E. Mueller, this is an article from G. E. Challenge, Fall 1966, page 26 to 32.
  • builmoonrock_082007101725.pdf

    "Building the Moon Rocket" was presented at the National Machine Tool Builders Association Meeting, Doral Beach Hotel, Miami, Florida on November 3, 1965 by Dr. Mathias P.L. Siebel, the Deputy Director, Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory. There are handwritten notes throughout.
  • chrysatustory_062707124831.pdf

    The document is a booklet created as part of the NASA/Chrysler Corporation Space Division manned flight awareness program. It discusses Chrysler's role in manufacturing and testing the Saturn and includes photographs and diagrams of Saturn stages, operations at Michoud, testing, and future missions. The section headings included in this booklet are "Chrysler and the Saturn," "Saturn at Michoud," "The Voyage of Saturn," "Saturn Firings," and "Saturn's Missions."
  • spacfligprojtodaandtomo_032207104326.pdf

    NASA symposium on scientific and technical Information.
  • Scieandtech.pdf.pdf

    This publication contains the Marshal Space Flight Center contribution at the Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAG) at the Manned Spacecraft Center.
  • satvamemooroc_013008120434.pdf

    Diagram that displays the Saturn V rocket with a page beneath detailing the function of each stage.
  • satuandtheexploofspac_042007155818.pdf

    Presentation Raymond Pisani to the East-West Bank Chamber of Commerce regarding the Saturn project's roll in space exploration and what contrabutions the East-West Bank can make in that area.
  • satuandthefutu_040907111406.pdf

    Presentation with its main focus on the competitive and humanitarian goals of the Saturn project.
  • Repoofadhoc_120208114918.pdf

    It is the purpose of this report to clarify the goals, the missions and the costs of this effort in the forseeable future, particularly with regard to the man-in-space program
  • Requforapprto_041309105346.pdf

    The purpose of this memorandum is to obtaln your approval to fly manned missions on the Saturn V launch vehicle beginning with Apollo-Saturn vehicle #503 currently scheduled for launch in December 1968.
  • Projapolnews_012209170256.pdf

    News release surveying the Apollo 7 rocket and discussing future missions.
  • Progplaneart_012709164341.pdf

    Manned space flight offers the opportunity to couple the astronaut/scientist's ability to select and process data and to calibrate, modify and repair instruments with the vantage point for astronomical observations provided by a platform located above the Earth's atmosphere. This paper briefly examines the role which manned space flight may play in the 1970-1990 time period in meeting astronomy research needs. The instruments and facilities which appear feasible for that period are described.; Paper presented by J. R. Olivier, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center and H. L. Wolbers, Ph.D, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company - Western Division, Advance Space and Launch Systems.
  • progschemanu_042007183150.pdf

    Manual centered around teaching program schedueling.
  • msfcmannedspaceflight_050807110513.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the January 29, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 1, " MSFC Status Report". Presentation material consists of slides , a film report and narrative back-up information to support the presentation.
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatforaug271963manacounmeet_061307104700.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the August 27, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 2, "MSFC Status Report."; Original is photocopy.; M-CP-P(R40).; TMXS 7544.; Includes references to film and slides.; Contents include: 1. SA-5 Status; 2. SA-5 voice orbital transmitter; 3. Integration effort.
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatfordec181962manacounmeet_061107105019.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the December 18, 1962, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 2, "MSFC Status Report."
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatforprestothemanacounmarc261963_042007121326.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. Von Braun's presentation for the March 26, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 3, "MSFC Status Report". Presentation material consists of slides, a film report and narrative backup-information to support the presentation.
  • Memoassoadmi_040109094007.pdf

    Poor photocopy. Memorandum discussing a planned lunar orbit mission and who is recommended for it.
  • Memothompain_040109092311.pdf

    Memorandum containing a recommendation from General Phillips to continue with the lunar orbit flight scheduled for December.
  • mannlunalandviarend_051107100817.pdf

    Paper to be presented at the IAS National Meeting on Manned Space Flight. Focuses on operations leading to injection of the space craft into the lunar transfer trajectory.
  • Mannplanflybmiss_120408150815.pdf

    This report summarizes a study (by North American Aviation, Space Division) of Manned Interplanetary Flyby Missions to Venus and Mars during the period from 1975 to 1982. [The study was a broad but penetrating technical investigation of using a manned flight system for planetary exploration.] The results, along with previously known aspects of manned Mars and Venus flyby missions, vehicles, and systems, were integrated into total mission-system capable of performing a realistic and meaningful planetary exploration program. Manned Planetary Missions are feasible. Attractive multiplanet flyby missions can be performed by Saturn/Apollo systems. However, injected payload and mission requirements developed within the guidelines and assumptions of this study cannot be met with modified S-II or S-IV stages when used with the standard Saturn V Earth-launch vehicle. When using an Earth orbit assembly mode and an uprated Saturn Earth launch vehicle for application to manned planetary flyby missions, the launch vehicle should have a payload capability (2-stage to low Earth orbit) of 400,000 pounds or more for use with M(S)-IVB planetary injection stages. Manned planetary flyby missions provide a means of combining the favorable aspects of both manned and unmanned missions into a unique and highly effective planetary exploration mission-system capable of providing major significant inputs to the scientific and engineering questions concerning the interplanetary medium, our Sun, and our neighboring planets Venus and Mars.
  • mannspacfligprogrevimsfcinstrepo_082007091604.pdf

    Report covers R & D, Administrative operations, staffing, facilities, and funding.
  • Mannspachlunaexpl_101507093657.pdf

    Paper includes references to figures and NASA's fundamental goals and principles.
  • manpofacmakfut_021208085025.pdf

    This paper presents in synoptic form, an analysis of the management problems being faced in making fuhlre manned spaceflight decisions. It is an attempt to view the manned space program in total perspective - its relationship to other scientific research, other national programs, the role of Congress, the President's role, industry's role, and then show their relative influence and impact on decisior, making for the Post-Apollo period.
  • masspaceeff_081707101855.pdf

    Presentation reviewing the complex engineering undertaken at NASA and the mathmatical problems that need to be solved regarding the space program.
  • Letttothepres101268_120808163249.pdf

    Correspondance between the President and Hugh L. Dryden regarding administrative limitations of the President's power.
  • mannlaunvehideve_032707091130.pdf

    Includes handwritten notes. Includes references to slides. Essay remarking on how space vehicles will interact on the moon's surface.
  • Lettproflogs_120208112858.pdf

    Letter to Professor Logsdon from Donald F. Hornig granting Logsdon's request PSAC Men-In-Space panel report.
  • Keyeveninthe_120408112540.pdf
  • histsummvonbraumissteam_030607115637.pdf

    Four and a half years have passed since President Kennedy and the United States Congress established a national goal of landing a man on the moon, before the end of the decade. This brief history is designed to be a working tool for use during the second half of this great adventure. It is expected that by presenting the events of the past in perspective this document will become a handy reference to accomplishments of the first half of the program. It is hoped that this volume will be of value to those directly and indirectly concerned with North American's portion of the Apollo program. This history contains a chronology of significant events, as well as material on the management of the program, a record of some of the breakthroughs in technology, a report of the hardware produced to date, and the many tests performed to man-rate the equipment.
  • humafactatmsky1.pdf.pdf

    Statement of work: Man/Machine activities -ATM; ATM problem areas; EVA commuting problem; Other EVA considerations; Analysis of crew considerations Mission 211/212; Mission objectives Crew Considerations; Mission Fight Profile & Operations Crew Considerations; Experiment operations crew considerations; EVA equipment requirements; Crew considerations carrier recommendations; Conclusions and recommendations crew considerations; Crew operations requirements preliminary 10 August 1996; ATM stabilization and control; ATM Carrier habitability and profile; Other ATM man/machine considerations.; Original is a poor photocopy.; Document has no page numbering.
  • Decaofspacprog.pdf.pdf
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