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  • Saaprogspec_091707160850.pdf

    Memo sent to Major General D. M. Jones - NASA/ML.
  • satuapolapplprog_102407114943.pdf

    This first issue contains only some general provisions for the program and its requirements for the Saturn 1B launch vehicle.
  • systrainman_071707122502.pdf

    Prepared through joint efforts of Personnel Department, Education and Development Branch, Systems Training Unit, Michoud Operations and Engineering Communications Department, Technical Information Branch, Applied Communications Engineering Section, Huntsville Operations.; This publication presents a brief descriptive summary of the Saturn IB vehicle and Chrysler's Corporation's accomplishments in the missiles and space field. The Saturn IB information presented herein is based on current plans for each of the stages. Although there may be design changes from vehicle to vehicle, the basic components, systems, and operating principles will remain similar to previous models.
  • satus-icannuprogepofiscyear1964.pdf

    This report encompasses the progress made by The Boeing Company on the Saturn S-IC Program for the fiscal year 1964 (From July 1, 1963 through July 2, 1964). The main objective of this report is to serve as an historical presentation stressing Boeing accomplishments and present capabilities under Contract NAS8-5608.
  • Satus-ic1965.pdf.pdf

    This Annual Progress Report has been prepared by the Boeing Company to fulfill the requirement under Article XXX, Paragraph A and C, Modification 100 of Contract, NAS8-5608 as amended by NASA letter I-MICH-DB, dated May 19, 1965, B. H. Aldridge to E. S. Olason. Subject: Change of NAS8-5608 to incorporate Quarterly Technical Progress into the Annual Progress Report.
  • SatuS-II1963.pdf

    This document, prepared in compliance with NASA contract NAS7-200, is the first annual progress report on the Saturn S-11 Program at the Space and Information Systems Division of North American Aviation, Inc. It provides a summary- and a technical analysis of results of contract work for the period 1 July 1962 through 30 June 1963.; SID 63-1028-1 251 pages. Include illustrations.
  • SatVnsproclauvehgrosuppequip_042108143716.pdf

    The functions, authority, management relationships, and responsibilities of the Launch Vehicle Ground Support Equipment Project Office are described. Functions and examples of non-stage procured Launch Vehicle Ground Support Equipment (LVGSE) are described and illustrated.
  • satuVfirsstagannuprogrepofiscyear1966_091207124644.pdf

    This report is the consolidation of D5-11994, "Quarterly Technical Progress Report," for the fourth fiscal quarter and the fiscal year 1966 Annual Progress Report and places special emphasis on activities on the fourth fiscal quarter.
  • Satuvquarprogjan66_102407160714.pdf

    Quarterly progress report for the months of January - March, 1966.
  • SaturnVsemiannual_051608155631.pdf

    This Saturn V Semi-Annual Progress Report describes progress and major achievements from July 1, 1967 in the Saturn V Program.
  • SatVsemAnRep_030308102345.pdf

    MA-001-00202H.; MPR-SAT V 66-3.; ABSTRACT: This Saturn V Semi-Annual Progress report describes progress and major achievements from July 1, 1966, through December 31, 1966, in the Saturn V Program.
  • survofsatustagtest.pdf

    This survey of the Saturn Stage Test and Checkout Computer Program Development contains a summary description of the systems developed for factory and static test of the stages of the SATURN IB and SATURN V Vehicles. The responsibilities of the MSFC and stage contractor organizations that are involved in test and checkout computer program development are briefly described. The test and checkout hardware and software (computer program) systems are given for each stage and for each site where tests are conducted. The systems and procedures that are used for program production verification, documentation, and change control required for the implementation of planned computer programs are included. Notes are included in the report to indicate what material is missing or incomplete. No attempt has been made to draw any conclusions regarding the automatic test and checkout systems being developed for each stage and the manner in which the efforts are organized, scheduled, and implemented. This document has been based on material provided by stage contractors and by components of MSFC through May 1, 1966. COMPUTER SYSTEMS SECTION. VEHICLE SYSTEMS INTEGRATION BRANCH. VEHICLE SYSTEMS CHECKOUT DIVISION.; SR-QUAL-66-3.
  • Monthproreport_012508092248.pdf

    Monthly progress report for March, 1967.
  • monprorep_021208122316.pdf
  • Testlabmontprogrep_021108103845.pdf

    Laboratory monthly progress report for the Saturn 1B program between dates April 1st through April 31st, 1967. Last page of document is missing.
  • Testlabomontprog_011608112625.pdf

    Laboratory monthly progress report for the Saturn 1B program between dates Febuary 1st through Febuary 31st, 1967.
  • TestlabMON_JAN_062308120607.pdf

    Laboratory monthly progress report for the Saturn 1B program between dates January 1st through January 31st, 1968.
  • TestlabmonproJUNE_032808134023.pdf

    Laboratory monthly progress report for the Saturn 1B program between dates June 1st through June 31st, 1967.
  • Testlabmonprogrep_041008104724.pdf

    Laboratory monthly progress report for the Saturn 1B program between dates September 1st through September 31st, 1967.
  • teslabprorepmar121966toapr121966_091407131635.pdf

    Monthly rogress report for the test laboratory regarding the Saturn 1B program between March and April.
  • thepromanpro_020408133725.pdf

    Included in "First Annual Logistics Management Symposium," Huntsville, Alabama; Archive copy is a poor photocopy. Describes the stages of rocket-development/launch and the logistical problems with each.
  • Dxprior_120108121209.pdf

    Memorandum discussing the priorization of various nlunar landing vehicle projects.
  • genloconaddr_071807102649.pdf

    Address from General O'Conner to the Rotery Club bringing them up to date on organizational developments inside the George C. Marshall Center.
  • SatuIBlaunproj.pdf.pdf

    This document is an official release of Manned Space Flight and its requirements shall be implemented by all cognizant elements of Manned Space Flight Program. William Teir, Manager, Saturn IB Program; E. F. O'Connor, Director, Industrial Operations; Wernher Von Braun, Director, Marshall Space Flight Center; Samuel C. Phillips, Director, Apollo Program.
  • SatuVprojdev.pdf

    This document revises and supersedes the Saturn V Project Development Plan, dated March, 1967. Approved: Arthur Rudolph, Manager, Saturn V Program; Samuel C. Phillips, Major General, USAF, Director, Apollo Program.
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