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    This report includes a discussion of 57 research and exploratory development events that have been identified as contributing significantly to LANCE. Forty-six of these are research events. Eight of the research events deal with LANCE aerodynamics, four with propulsion, 24 with solid-state components used in the guidance and control system,and 10 with the research origins of the materials and manufacturing processes used in LANCE. In addition, 11 exploratory development events are identified. The principal concern of this study has been the identification of further research origins of LANCE and the 46 documented events are its major product. A further concern and obligation of this study has been to provide HINDSIGHT with some additional data on the research phenomenon including some further observations on the nature and route of research utilization.; FOREWORD: The purpose of this report is to present a survey of fundamental research contributing to the successful development of the LANCE weapon system. Included in this report are discussions of research inputs to a number of LANCE systems and technology areas. The circumstances of these research contributions to LANCE are discussed. The implications of these examples of research utilization are analyzed and some general observations and conclusions on the research payoff phenomena are given. This report was requested by the Army Missile Command as a supplemental contribution to Project HINDSIGHT.; Contract No. DA-01-021-AMC-14693(Z).; Battle Memorial Institute ,Columbus Laboratories.; RSIC-627.; Includes letter from W. Metscher, Lt. Col. to Mr. David L. Christensen dated March 14, 1969.
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