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  • spc_schu_0002071.pdf

    Juno II was developed by the Army Ballistic Missile Agency in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • loc_hutc_525_526.pdf

    This flier highlights Marshall Space Flight Center's role in the lunar landing and illustrates each step of a successful mission, from liftoff at Kennedy Space Center to splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.
  • loc_hutc_527_530.pdf

    The leaflet describes Marshall's role in developing launch vehicles for the space program, its collaboration with NASA facilities in Mississippi and Louisiana, and its research and development operations. Includes a map.
  • spc_stnv_000101.pdf

    According to the table of contents, this volume of appendices contain various charts, graphs, and diagrams related to the S-IC stage data, instrument unit data, and vehicle data.
  • spc_stnv_000117.pdf

    A summary found following the errata page reads: "This paper presents a second look at the subject of the man-machine relationship in automatic test operations. 'Man, Machine, and Automatic Test Operations' was presented by the writer at Battelle Memorial Institute in November of 1963...It is the purpose of this second look at the man-machine interface to pinpoint those concepts which have proven their worth with time and those concepts which have proven to be weak, and as a result modified with time." This paper was prepared by George F. Meister, Jr.
  • saturnapollogui_051208110334.pdf

    A brief sketch of the development of the equations for a weighted least squares estimator is given, the equations for both collective and recursive estimators being included. Four possible problem sources that may be encountered in the application of the estimator are identified. Various "success" parameters are defined in an attempt to predict the success with which, the method has been applied. The application of the estimation technique to the problem of computing various error parameters associated with the ST-124M guidance platform is described with the numerical results obtained using a manufactured data case are presented. These results are used to form conclusions about the effectiveness of the "success" parameters and preferred approaches to the problem of system evaluation using techniques of estimation theory.
  • Instunitcructest_091307144134.pdf

    A three-foot high Instrument tional Business Machines Corporation will be launched into orbit with a huge Saturn second stage
    later this month in a crucial test for the Apollo lunar program.
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