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  • thethorhis.pdf

    This history is intended as a quick orientation source and as a ready-reference for review of the Thor and its systems. The report briefly states the development of Thor, summarizes and chronicles Thor missile and booster launchings, provides illustrations and descriptions of the vehicle systems, relates their genealogy, explains some of the performance capabilities of the Thor and Thor-based vehicles used, and focuses attention to the exploration of space by Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.
  • spacvehiforpeacexplinnsolasyst_031607132205.pdf

    Review of speech to be presented in Tampa, FL. Speech included references to slides.
  • Scieandtech.pdf.pdf

    This publication contains the Marshal Space Flight Center contribution at the Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAG) at the Manned Spacecraft Center.
  • SatusIIgrou.pdf

    This publication has been prepared to provide preliminary inspection requirements and limitations on all ground support equipment to support the Saturn II stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle.
  • Satusivengi_110110145014.pdf

    Folder of information.
  • satuandthenasaspacprog_040907103910.pdf

    Given at the Birmingham Chapter National Defense Transportation Association. Focuses chiefly on moon-missions.
  • satuapolapplprog_102407114943.pdf

    This first issue contains only some general provisions for the program and its requirements for the Saturn 1B launch vehicle.
  • satuascephasguidandconttech_040407110521.pdf

    Lunar Missions Meeting, July 17-19, 1962. Focuses on the guidence concept under development at the Marshall Space Flight Center
  • satudatasummhandbook_073007112243.pdf

    This handbook provides a technical data summary for the Douglas-produced Saturn S-IV and S-IVB stages of the NASA Apollo Program. Material contained in the S-IVB stage of this handbook includes the S-IB and S-V vehicles. This book will be updated as changes and additional information become available. The appendix contains aerospace fluid characteristics, LOX and LH2 vapor pressure curves and a list of non-standard abbreviations.
  • Sds2110.pdf

    The manual comprises a multi-volume set, the contents of which are as follows: VOLUME 1 -- a. Chapter 1 contains a general description of the equipment and its purpose, the physical and functional characteristics, and other pertinent data. b. Chapter 2 describes and illustrates the display set installation considerations. c. Chapter 3 lists and illustrates all operating controls and indicators. Chapter 3 also contains normal and emergency operating instructions.
  • manmachandautotestoper_061807141628.pdf

    Essay detailing the relationship between men and machines."
  • mannlaunvehideve_032707091130.pdf

    Includes handwritten notes. Includes references to slides. Essay remarking on how space vehicles will interact on the moon's surface.
  • corrprobasswithspaclaunveh_031607135408.pdf

    A document reporting various space vehicle corrosion issues. Original is photocopy.
  • Nexuconc.pdf

    Aspects of Earth-to-orbit delivery are discussed and a cost analysis of the logistic operation and the cost of orbital operations are presented. Probabilities of success of orbital delivery and the operational and economic aspects of establishing large orbital installations and maintaining a large transportation volume in the 1975/85 time period are compared for the two cases using a large number of Saturn V versus a smaller number of 1-stage chemical Post-Saturn launch vehicles. Performance parameters of chemical, chemonuclear and nuclear launch vehicles are compared. The concept of a blunt launch vehicle configuration referred to as NEXUS is presented in detail. Applications of this configuration to chemonuclear propulsion and to a 50 ft diameter version of Saturn V with recoverable first stage are discussed.
  • evoofthesatboo.jpg

    8 x 10 inch Black & White photograph. MS-G 103-63 Nov. 22, 63 is on the photograph. Displays the evolution of space-rocket designs side-by-side.
  • dynpro.pdf.pdf

    Addresses improving spacecraft safety by resolving various known dynamic problems.
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