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  • loc_gold_000277_000278.pdf

    In this letter, H. B. Smith responds to a previous letter from Goldsmith regarding the sell of a lot of land in 1916, two years previous. He also details an offer for the stock he currently holds in the Huntsville Land Company that he will be refusing. The second letter is from Oscar Goldsmith to S. M. Milliken regarding the shares that Mr. Smith wrote about and them receiving multiple bids on the stock. He informs Milliken that Mr. Rison will be taking part in it as well.
  • loc_gold_000294_000294.pdf

    Receipt of payment of $29.00 from Samuel Strauss for land taxes in Kossuth County, Iowa. Signed bythe treasurer, S. S. Rist.
  • loc_gold_000353_000353.pdf

    Form denoting taxes due to Office of Tax Collector of Garland County for Ella Davis.
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