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    This agreement outlines the debt of Hutchens & Murdock of twelve hundred and fifty dollars. The agreement outlines the promise to pay $250.00 every six months until the debt is payed off. The agreement also includes the inventory of Hutchens & Murdocks's personal property at two locations that would be held in mortgage until the debt is paid in full. Following the agreement, handwritten lists detail the personal inventory of two locations: the plumbing shop of Hutchens & Murdock "opposite Easley's Hotel and their plubming shop on W. Clinton Street. The final page shows three of the five promisory notes for the debt to be paid in increments of $250.00.
  • loc_hutc_000111_000130.pdf

    This agreement outlines the debt of Hutchens & Murdock for personal property as described in Schedule A of the document for $1,750.00. Hutchens & Murdock agrees to pay $500.00 in cash and the rest of the debt in "five equal half yearly installments, with interest." Following the written agreement there are pages of inventory of the personal property sold to Hutchens & Murdock.
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