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  • loc_gold_000332_000334.pdf

    Ella Davis writes to Betty Goldsmith, Oscar's wife, regarding her move to Hot Springs, Arkansas. She details the cost to move her things and asked Betty to have Mr. Goldsmith send her a check as she is now broke after paying the moving costs. She also writes about declining an offer on the property she is selling because the potential buyer refused to pay interest.
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    H. T. Mays requests Ella Davis to send her the information and lowest selling price of the property next to hers owned by Ella in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  • loc_gold_000324_000328.pdf

    Mrs. Owens writes to Ella Davis regarding a lost tax receipt for 1920, requesting that she send the receipt again as the books do not show payment of taxes for the year. Ella Davis replies with the receipt, asking that they take care not to lose it and return it to her promptly.
  • loc_gold_000298_000299.pdf

    The letter details Ella's selling of her place in Hot Spring, Arkansas.
  • loc_gold_000292_000292.pdf

    Receipt for Oscar Goldsmith's payment of five dollars to Leo N. Levi Memorial Hospital. The hospital is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas and is a mental health facility and, at this time, a nursing school that existed until 1952.
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