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  • loc_jonh_013422_013429.pdf

    Built in 1922. The shop served two mill villages and was lit by natural light. Located at the corner of Triana and 9th Ave in Huntsville, Ala.
  • loc_jonh_012731_012732.pdf

    Kaufman Building, built in 1866. Was originally the building for the Kaufman Store, now office building. Fa´┐Żade and interior restoration completed in 1986. Located at 206 Eustis Ave., Huntsville, Alabama.
  • loc_jonh_012249_012344.pdf

    Hendricks Corner Hardware and Furniture Store, built 1902, restored in 1995 by Athens computer firm, The Pinnacle Group Inc. The Hendricks building was mostly destroyed by a 1994 fire. Restored for office space. Designed in the Italiante style. Located at 122 W. Market St., Athens, Alabama.
  • loc_jonh_012199_012223.pdf

    Elbert H. Parsons Madison County Law Library, built 1914, was originally a Deparment store and an adult movie theater. A skylighted window was installed on the walkway in front of the building when c. 1830 brick was uncovered 12 inches below the present walkway. Located at 205 East Side Square, Huntsville, Alabama.
  • loc_jonh_008042_008277.pdf

    Various Structures in Mooresville, Alabama in Limestone County. Includes: A walking tour pamphlet for Historic Mooresville which maps and shows images and information on 33 different structures, such as the c. 1826 Campbell-Woodruff Home; news articles on the Aunt Polly House; the Zietler-Hill House, built 1927-1945, Federal Period; the Hurn-Thach House, built c. 1825 with a c. 1850 addition, Federal Revival style, Andrew Jackson may have rented a room there; the Leftwich-Harris House, built c. 1826; the Scott House, built pre-1820; the Stagecoach Inn and Tavern, also known as the Old Tavern, built c. 1825, Federal Period; the Campbell-Woodruff House built c. 1826; various stores from the mid to late 1800s; the Zeitler-McCrary House, built c. 1826; the Union Church, built 1839; Simmons Cottage, built c. 1890; the outbuildings of various houses; the Mooresville post office, built c. 1850-1870; the Wilmer residence guest house, built c. 1970 by Allison Bailey; the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, or the Brick Church, built c. 1839.
  • loc_jonh_001824_001825R.pdf

    Highway 72 Store, built c. 1800s near Athens, Alabama, and Gas Station in Collinsville, Alabama.
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