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  • spc_mcca_000271-274.pdf

    This informational leaflet offers answers to questions about the university such as "What is the status of the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)?," "What sports are available at UAH?," "What is the size and quality of the faculty?," and many others. It also includes photographs of student organizations and university buildings.
  • spc_mcca_000241-258.pdf

    The contents include: "Report I. The Nature and Scope of Undergraduate Programs at the University of Alabama in Huntsville," "Report II. The Nature and Extent of Graduate Programs at the University of Alabama in Huntsville," and "Report III. The University of Alabama Research Institute." The reports include a list of membership of the "Ad Hoc Committe on Development of the University of Alabama in Huntsville," as well as letters from University of Alabama President Frank A. Rose and development committee chair Alex S. Pow, then Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of Alabama.
  • spc_mcca_000234-237.pdf

    The document offers an overview of research, graduate instruction, undergraduate instruction, and continuing education, as well as a description of the university's facilities and the surrounding area. The author notes that "planning of a first phase of a permanent library and of a science and engineering laboratory/classroom building" is underway.
  • spc_mcca_000114_web.pdf

    The anouncement states the undergraduate and graduate majors that will be offered beginning in September of 1964 and briefly discusses registration for classes.
  • spc_mcca_000016-25_web.pdf

    The pamphlet provides information about attending the University of Alabama Centers, including advantages of attending, entrance requirements, fees, withdrawls, refunds, and the registration calendar. It also gives information on the individual programs of study, including the program description and the classes offered for that program.
  • spc_mcca_000012_web.pdf

    The leaflet provides information regarding the University of Alabama Centers' graduate programs, including general information and information regarding admission, registration, library facilities, textbooks, fees, and a schedule of what courses would be at the different centers in the 1963-1964 academic year.
  • uah_uahh_012_026.pdf

    The document outlines costs associated with laboratories and graduate coursework in math, physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.
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