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    On January 3Ist of this year the United States celebrated its tenth anniversary in Space. In just one decade we have seen our space program climb from an humble beginning (a 30.8-pound payload put into orbit with a jury-rigged rocket) to extra-vehicular-activity and the tremendous Saturn V vehicle capable, of putting 250,000 pounds into low earth orbit. We have seen it grow from a "quick and dirty" operation to a program which at its peak had approximately 380,000 industrial employees in excess of {dollar}5.O billion per year. The marshalling of this great management and technological team generated many "growing pains". A few years ago the hue and cry was, "Where are we going to get sufficient people with scientific knowledge and drive to implement the space program?" Industry, sometimes reluctantly, was pressed into tasks which required managerial and technical skills beyond those they then possessed.
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