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    The introduction notes, "The Saturn V launch vehicle is being developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's George C. Marshall Space Flight Center for Project Apollo; Saturn I and Saturn IB vehicles are providing the early testing and support for Project Apollo. The nerve center of the Saturn is its guidance and control system. An airborne digital computer provides the link which closes both the guidance and control loops,making verification of the flight computer program of vital importance. During a powered flight this onboard digital computer program can be divided into four major parts:a) guidance, including navigation, b) control, c) vehicle sequencing, and d) computer telemetry."
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    The rapid development of computer technology and the creation of new engineering oriented languages has established that general purpose digital computers are now extremely suitable to perform simulation of large scale physical systems. With Aerospace Vehicle Simulation (AVS), an effort has been undertaken at MSFC to simulate continuous and discrete dynamics of an aerospace vehicle and its ground support equipment on a large digital computer. This simulation produces a copy of the physical vehicle configuration and its functions in the form of a large scale mathematical model in the computer. AVS will be an essential part of an integrated information system which can be used by several laboratories and offices at MSFC for the design, checkout, test, and management of aerospace vehicles.
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