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  • Compcontpowe_042908131740.pdf

    This paper describes a real-time digital computer program that controls the application of electrical power to the S-IVB stage of the Saturn vehicle at Cape Kennedy, Florida. Douglas Aircraft Company, the S-IVB stage manufacturer, provided NASA with the program requirements relative to the energizing sequence, voltage and current measurement tolerances, and vehicle system operational tests. International Business Machines Corporation provided NASA with the computer program to satisfy the task requirements. The program conjoined the components of the Electrical Support Equipment (two RCA 110A computers and control and instrumentation devices) into a closed loop system. The supporting operating system program by IBM is described.
  • Computerredundancy_020608095718.pdf

    Discusses the importance of redundancy as a safety measure in electronic systems.
  • FactsheeIBMcomp_091307160342.pdf

    Press release regarding a IBM digital computer directing a Saturn 1B orbital mission.
  • InterControlDocu_051208113245.pdf

    The purpose of this document is to define the flight sequence events, time bases, stage switch selector channel assignments, LVDA Discrete Outputs, Inputs and Interrupts for the Saturn SA-507 & Subs vehicles. Special requirements and restrictions defined in this document will be imposed on the Marshall Space Flight Center and its contractors as applicable, to insure the proper functioning of the equipment in the various stages for required vehicle timing and sequencing to occur as outlined in this Interface Control Document (ICD).
  • Somecompappl_011608101417.pdf

    This paper discusses a number of interesting applications of digital computers in the checkout of individual Saturn stages and in the prelaunch checkout of the complete Saturn vehicle. It discusses the concepts of automation in Saturn checkout, the unique two-computer mode of operation at the launch site and the operations of the high speed data link connecting the two computers. Also discussed are the functions of the computer while propellants are loaded automatically on one of the stages; the functions of the display computer in the newest and largest Saturn display system, and operations and utilization of the Digital Events Evaluator, the main recording device utilized during stage checkout.
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