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    These letters include information pertaining to the Nickerson case. Almond expresses desire to "get something in motion to subdue the unnecessary and trivial expressions of � General Medaris". The letters also mention various correspondence that was included in the exchange of information. Both men advocate for the "cause" of Colonel Nickerson's actions. Bell was Nickerson's attorney during his trial.
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    In response to Bell's February 13 letter from Edward Almond, Ayers informs Bell that he is attempting to find someone who would write a letter to newspaper publications in agreement with their opinion that Medaris is taking too much credit for his work. Bell responds that he is skeptical Ayers would find anyone as Medaris could make their life a "rather miserable existence".
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    This letter details the committee's agreement with Nickerson's actions, believing he was acting "for what he thought was the best interest of the national defense." They advocate for the inclusion of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency team on the intermediate-range ballistic missile program. The committee states that trial by court-martial would not reflect the many accomplishments Nickerson has made for the Army weapon program and feel it unnecessary.
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    Robert K. Bell writes to Senator Bob Jones for help and information regarding the Nickerson case.
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    The transcript details a conversation regarding the necessity of military counsel being present during the conference with Colonel Bengston, Captain Ledford, and Colonel Nickerson and under whose orders was the military counsel under.
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    These documents include the draft of the letter and the final letter. Zimmer writes to Ridgway regarding his testimony and its importance in the Nickerson trial. Zimmer also asks for Ridgway's opinion on the "necessity of an Army commander exercising immediate and direct control" over defense weapons.
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    Bell thanks Jenkins for joining the defense of Nickerson and writes that he included newspaper clippings and other informative information about the case.
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    In this letter, it is requested that May 13-17, 1957 be set as the dates of the Nickerson trial. It then details the reasons for these specific dates.
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    Jenkins writes in response to Bell's March 22 letter, addressing the various information that was included in Bell's letter and his ability to visit Huntsville for nine days to help prepare for the trial.
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    Cordes writes in response to the defense counsel's request to the Commanding General, Third United States Army, of the trials dates May 13-17, 1957. He confirms that the trials dates have been postponed to the 15th in accordance with their request.
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