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  • loc_gold_000028_000028.pdf

    Grade marks as specified for Planters Warehouse & Storage Company in Huntsville, Alabama. Handwritten note: Anderson Clayton Grades.
  • loc_gold_000029_000030.pdf

    This is the class and weight report for the Alabama Farm Bureau Cotton Association based on the 1929-1930 cotton season.
  • loc_gold_000031_000031.pdf

    This receipt totalling $31.56 has no indication of its origin.
  • loc_gold_000032_000033.pdf

    Receipt of check tendered as a cash advance from Judge Cain for six bales of cotton at 15.64 cents per pound, signed by Judge Cain, and the dray receipt from Planters Warehouse & Storage Co. from Judge Cain for the six bales of cotton. The final document is a draft receipt showing the 6 bales of cotton from the annual pool for Judge Cain.
  • loc_gold_000042_000064.pdf

    Various receipts for cotton from multiple companies and farms including Sulphur Spring, Weil farm, Tibbs farm, Morris farm, Cobb farm, and Pierce farm.
  • loc_gold_000065_000093.pdf

    Various receipts for the purchase of seed from I. Schiffman from multiple farms. These receipts show the weight of the purchase as weighed by N. Eddins.
  • loc_gold_000094_000102.pdf

    Correspondence, receipts, and checks from a transaction of cotton between the Weil Brothers and I. Schiffman & Company, Inc. The final three documents detail a re-weight of the 778 bales of cotton two months later, leading to a reduced price by $5,149.13.
  • loc_gold_000103_000113.pdf

    Itemized worksheets of reweights of cotton for I. Schiffman & Company. The final two documents are receipts for reweights for West Huntsville Land Co. and Dixie Warehouse & Storage Co.
  • loc_gold_000114_000119_000122_000132_000135_000140_000142_000144.pdf

    Various documents regarding the financial state of Textile Hardwood Manufacturing Company from 1931 to 1935, after which the company filed for bankruptcy. The final three documents are from 1942, after bankrupcty was filed, settling final debts and fees due to I. Schiffman & Company.
  • loc_gold_000120_000121_000133_000134_000141_000141_000145_000153.pdf

    Various documents regarding the bankruptcy of Textile Hardwood Manufacturing Company. The company first filed for bankruptcy in August of 1932. These documents are in chronological order of the bankruptcy case including a petition for bankruptcy debt discharge, the Deed of Trust, a newspaper clipping formally announcing the company bankrupt and its upcoming sale, and the letter announcing the meeting of creditors.
  • loc_gold_000154_000158.pdf

    These documents detail a lawsuit brought against Tom Toney by Mitchell & Mitchell Automobile Repairing. The first IOU details Tom Toney's debt to I. Schiffman & Co. for a Dodge car for $60. Following the check is a bill for repairs on the Dodge totalling $28.25. Tom Toney's car was seized upon discovery it was being used to "convey spiritous or vinous liquor contrary to law", resulting in a lawsuit brought by the State of Alabama. The statement is Mitchell & Mitchell claiming that Toney never paid his auto repair bill for the lawsuit. The back of the final letter has a handwritten note that reads: "No. 683 State vs. Toney. Claim of Mitchell & Mitchell. Filed June 11/19 F. S. Cabaniss Reg."
  • loc_gold_000159_000166.pdf

    These three letters detail I. Schiffman & Co.'s claim to $500 from the mortgage of Tom Toney on the automobile that was originally sold to him but later seized in 1919 for transporting untaxpaid liquor (see "Lawsuit against Tom Toney"). However, while the claim was approved by a Mr. McNeel, the refund was refused by the commissioner at Washington. R.E. Smith, representing I. Schiffman & Co., writes to McNeel, Danforth, and O'Rear Advisors and Consultants in hopes of reopening the claim again. McNeel, Danforth, and O'Rear advise Smith that reopening the claim would do no good. In the end, the prohibition commissioner, R. A. Haynes permanently closes the claim and I. Schiffman & Co. does not receive the $500 claim.
  • loc_gold_000167_000167.pdf

    A handwritten note that says: 1922 [sic] to T. T. Terry 96.00.
  • loc_gold_000168_000175.pdf

    Various documents detailing land rented by Frank Williams, payments owed, and rental information including the promissory note promises the payment of $600 to Nelson Acklin for land rented by Frank Williams with signatures of Nelson Acklin and [sic] Schiffman on the back, an inquiry from Laurence Goldsmith regarding the character of Frank Williams as a renter and the bank's business intentions with him, a handwritten note detailing the amounts owed by Frank Williams that were mentioned in the letter from Goldsmith, a response to Goldsmith's inquiry from J. G. Bennett, a note stating the transfer of the rent note to the landlord, I. Schiffman & Co., and the release of Albert Clay's crop, a letter from Frank Williams to Laurence Goldsmith requesting help as he cannot work the land himself due to his wife's illness, and a letter from I. Schiffman & Co. after the transfer of the rented land to the company.
  • loc_gold_000176_000204_000211_000221.pdf

    Various chattel mortgage contracts and paperwork, seed receipts, checks, payments, and debts pertaining to Frank Williams and the rented land he worked. These documents include multiple handwritten notes.
  • loc_gold_000205_000210.pdf

    The first documents are a correspondence between C. O. Reed and I. Schiffman & Co. regarding the payment of $147.51 for the "mortgages transferred to" I. Schiffman & Co.. The final letters are between Lawrence Goldsmith and Frank Williams regarding the payment of a blacksmith bill and a cow. Within all the letters is communication regarding the confusion surrounding the payment of Frank William's taxes. The middle letter is from A. S. [O'Fordges?] stating that he did in fact pay the taxes. Lawrence Goldsmith's final letter, however, notes that by March 13, the taxes still had not been paid. Handwritten note on the final letter reads: Written note: "Total-Taxes-1921: 33.60, Re Paid By Rison: 27.64, Paid-By-us & CHS to Frank a/c: 5.96"
  • loc_gold_000222_000223.pdf

    Rental agreement for a sewing machine, rented from John Williams by a Mr. Sammons. The back notes that it was paid for in part by S. Schiffman & Co.
  • loc_gold_000224_000224.pdf

    A monthly monetary tally for Hunstville Shoe Co. written on S. Schiffman & Co.
  • loc_gold_000245_000246.pdf

    The front of this handwritten note is written by Charly M. Taylor, allotting R. R. Lakin 50 acres of land. The back of the note is written by R. R. Lakin agreeing to the terms of the transaction that he will cultivate the land and deliver "one half of said crop to the said Charly Taylor."
  • loc_gold_000253_000257.pdf

    In these letters, R. D. McKinney tells S. Schiffman that he will have to take all McKinney's stocks as his landlord has taken all his cotton stock to pay his rent before McKinney could pay S. Schiffman. In the second letter, McKinney asks S. Schiffman to send him two dollars to finish paying off the cotton pickers. The final letter is a request for meat and coffee on credit.
  • loc_gold_000258_000260.pdf

    W. E. Rinkley tells S. Schiffman that he has already paid the man who built a hen house and garden. He also tells Schiffman that he has reached out to Mr. Landers regarding his taxes and asks Schiffman to reach out and see what is happening there as Landers has not replied to Rinkley.
  • loc_gold_000261_000263_000265_000265.pdf

    In the telegram A. J. Abrahams acknowledges that S. Schiffman will cover a $300 bill. It ends with a promise to explain the circumstances in a letter that will follow. In the handwritten letter to S. Schiffman, A. J. Abrahams details the circumstances surrounding the need for S. Schiffman to cover the bill and thanks him for his kindness.
  • loc_gold_000266_000266.pdf

    Letter to Ike Schiffman regarding money and interest. Written on Stein Brothers Bankers letterhead.
  • loc_gold_000372_000373.pdf

    Receipts detailing the purchase of paint by Oscar Goldsmith and and itemized receipt and list.
  • loc_gold_000385_000395.pdf

    The letters detail information about Dallas Manufacturing Co. stocks being sold. This set of documents also includes a check for the forty shares.
  • loc_gold_000396_000396.pdf

    This letter includes responses to Rison's wire and the return wire. It also includes information on cotton buyers and local weather conditions. The sender did not sign the letter, but it is most likely Oscar Goldsmith.
  • loc_gold_000397_000398.pdf

    Newson writes to Milliken about a party who wants to purchase Dallas Mfg. Co. stock though the dividends are low. The second letter details the purchase price the party is willing to pay and if Milliken knows anyone with 100 to 300 shares for sale.
  • loc_gold_000399_000399.pdf

    Hotchkin & Co. sent this telegram to Oscar Goldsmith in response to Goldsmith's bid. They states that they cannot do anything for the bid but will sell forty shares.
  • loc_gold_000400_000401.pdf

    Telegram to A. L. Rison from Jones-Baugh Cotton Company confirming the sale of one thousand bales of cotton.
  • loc_gold_000402_000422.pdf

    Personal letters to Ike Schiffman from Ben Stromberg written on Stromberg, Kraus and Co. letterhead. The letters contain various business related topics and personal health information. Among the letters are telegrams acknowledging bills received and other business information.
  • loc_gold_000445_000445.pdf

    Agreement for the installation of galvanized roofing on a cotton shed occupied and rented by Gilbert Bros. from I. Schiffman and Co. at the request of Bettie Schiffman. Bettie's name appears on documents after July 1910 due to the death of her husband, Isaac.
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