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  • loc_gold_000028_000028.pdf

    Grade marks as specified for Planters Warehouse & Storage Company in Huntsville, Alabama. Handwritten note: Anderson Clayton Grades.
  • loc_gold_000029_000030.pdf

    This is the class and weight report for the Alabama Farm Bureau Cotton Association based on the 1929-1930 cotton season.
  • loc_gold_000031_000031.pdf

    This receipt totalling $31.56 has no indication of its origin.
  • loc_gold_000032_000033.pdf

    Receipt of check tendered as a cash advance from Judge Cain for six bales of cotton at 15.64 cents per pound, signed by Judge Cain, and the dray receipt from Planters Warehouse & Storage Co. from Judge Cain for the six bales of cotton. The final document is a draft receipt showing the 6 bales of cotton from the annual pool for Judge Cain.
  • loc_gold_000042_000064.pdf

    Various receipts for cotton from multiple companies and farms including Sulphur Spring, Weil farm, Tibbs farm, Morris farm, Cobb farm, and Pierce farm.
  • loc_gold_000065_000093.pdf

    Various receipts for the purchase of seed from I. Schiffman from multiple farms. These receipts show the weight of the purchase as weighed by N. Eddins.
  • loc_gold_000094_000102.pdf

    Correspondence, receipts, and checks from a transaction of cotton between the Weil Brothers and I. Schiffman & Company, Inc. The final three documents detail a re-weight of the 778 bales of cotton two months later, leading to a reduced price by $5,149.13.
  • loc_gold_000103_000113.pdf

    Itemized worksheets of reweights of cotton for I. Schiffman & Company. The final two documents are receipts for reweights for West Huntsville Land Co. and Dixie Warehouse & Storage Co.
  • loc_gold_000114_000119_000122_000132_000135_000140_000142_000144.pdf

    Various documents regarding the financial state of Textile Hardwood Manufacturing Company from 1931 to 1935, after which the company filed for bankruptcy. The final three documents are from 1942, after bankrupcty was filed, settling final debts and fees due to I. Schiffman & Company.
  • loc_gold_000120_000121_000133_000134_000141_000141_000145_000153.pdf

    Various documents regarding the bankruptcy of Textile Hardwood Manufacturing Company. The company first filed for bankruptcy in August of 1932. These documents are in chronological order of the bankruptcy case including a petition for bankruptcy debt discharge, the Deed of Trust, a newspaper clipping formally announcing the company bankrupt and its upcoming sale, and the letter announcing the meeting of creditors.
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