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  • loc_jonh_000985_001003R.pdf

    Bride's Hill, or Sunnybrook House, built c. 1830 by Elizabeth Dandridge. Federal and 20th Century style. Tidewater-type cottage. Located near Highway 20 West of Decatur, Alabama.
  • loc_jonh_001826_001843R.pdf

    Old Town Historic District. Queen Anne Cottage style house on East Holmes, built post-1871. Two Spanish style houses on Walker Ave. built c. 1920. House on East Holmes, built post-1871. House on Clinton Ave. E built post-1871. House on Steele St., built pre-1861. Four once-identical Queen Anne style houses on East Clinton Ave. Second Empire style house on East Holmes, built c. 1880s. Renaissance Revival and Colonial Revival style house on East Holmes, built c. 1900s. Queen Anne style house and A.J. Downing Gothic Style house on Walker Ave., and two Queen Anne style houses on East Holmes, all built post-1871. Greek Revival style house on Calhoun St., built c. 1855. Queen Anne style house of an identical pair of houses on East Holmes, built post-1871. Remodeled Federal Period house with Greek Revival aspects on East Holmes, built pre-1861. Federal style house on Calhoun St., built pre-1850. Two-room house on East Holmes, built c. 1830. Adjoining Swiss and English bungalow style houses, built c. 1914. Pleasants House, Second Empire style on Walker Ave, built c. 1889. Shingle style bungalow on East Holmes, built c. 1907. Four houses on Walker Ave. Glenn House, built 1891 and located at 117 Walker Ave. Three Victorian style houses on East Holmes with bungalow remodels. Reverse twin houses at 801 and 805 East Clinton Ave.
  • loc_jonh_000692_000708R.pdf

    Vaughan House, built c. 1840. Raised Creole Cottage type house with a Victorian addition. Located in Eutaw, Alabama. Also includes a photograph of Kirkwood in Eutaw, Alabama.
  • loc_jonh_000732_000742R.pdf

    Paul Cottage, built c. 1850s. Located at 710 Adams St., Huntsville, Alabama.
  • loc_jonh_011661_011662.pdf

    Mayhew Cottage, built in 1889, nextdoor to the Mayhew House. The cottage was built for the family's son. Located at 506 Eustis Ave., Huntsville, Alabama.
  • loc_jonh_012093_012093.pdf

    Haws carriage house, built c. 1900. Remodeled for rental or servants' house and again by Jones and Herrin, Architects in 1976. Located at 606 Greene St., Huntsville, Alabama.
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