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  • spc_dann_000217.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg, and Betty Dannenberg and little George visit Cape Canaveral. On the film they are shown touring the NASA spaceflight facilities here, driving past a number of launching vehicles and pads. The film wraps up by showing a plaque commemorating the success of the Mercury spaceflight program. Fall 1967.
  • spc_dann_000218.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg, and Betty Dannenberg and little George visit Cape Canaveral. This film shows them touring the vehicle assembly building (VAB). Shown is the drive up to the building, a bit of outside footage, and then the inside of the building, although this didn't come out very well due to poor lighting. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "Cape Kennedy visit / Car trip to the VAB, the LUT - inside inspection of VAB (inside shots are very dark!)." 1967.
  • spc_dann_000234.mp4

    View from the spectator's gallery at Cape Canaveral as Apollo 7 launches. The film tracks the rocket from when the engines are ignited to when it disappears from view. Fall 1968.
  • spc_dann_000241.mp4

    Konrad Dannenberg goes to see one of the later Apollo flights liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This film contains a lot of shots of the spectator gallery as well as the lauch and disappearance of the Saturn V launching vehicle. 1969.
  • spc_dann_000254.mp4

    The Dannenbergs travel down to Daytona Beach, Florida, to see the launch of Apollo 15. The first half shows the resort and Ingeborg sitting by the beach. The second half shows the drive to the launch facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida and the traffic they find upon arrival. 1971.
  • spc_dann_000255.mp4

    Konrad Dannenberg tours the visitor stand for the launch of Apollo 15. Of paticular note is a scale model the is on display showing a cross-section of the Skylab space station, as well as brief shots of the Saturn V launcher and the Vehicle Assembly Building. 1971.
  • spc_dann_000256.mp4

    First half of film shows the launch of Apollo 15 from Cape Canaveral. The second half shows three women, one of them Ingeborg Dannenberg, visiting a beach, probably near Cape Canaveral. 1971.
  • spc_dann_000268.mp4

    Ingeborg and Konrad get ready for the launch of Apollo 16. They are shown boarding a bus from their hotel in Cape Canaveral, Florida which conveys them to the visitor stands to watch the launch. While on the road to the stands, Konrad captures pictures of the vehicle assembly building and the rocket on the launchpad. Spring 1972.
  • spc_dann_000269.mp4

    The first half of the film shows Konrad Dannenberg surveying the stands for spectators of Apollo 16 at the launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The second half of the film follows the rocket as it lifts off from the launch pad and ascends out of view. Spring 1972.
  • spc_stnv_000005_01.mp3

    Interview with Dr. von Braun by Dr. Emme. Beginning of side 1 to 19:50.
  • spc_dann_000312_01.mp3

    Wernher von Braun conversing with multiple people on the management of Saturn/Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle programs. Both sides.
  • spc_dann_000313_01.mp3

    Interview with Matt Urlaub by Wernher von Braun and others around the Apollo program development and difficulties in its development. One side only.
  • spc_stnv_000009_01.mp3

    Side 1 is an interview with Weidner and Neubert on the testing of Saturn and the different design philosophies of various NASA groups.
  • spc_stnv_000010_01.mp3

    Interview on the developments on Thor applied to the Saturn Program, structures, Welding, Machining of Part, and Insulation of the rocket. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_stnv_000011_01.mp3

    Interview on the fuels involved in the Saturn as well as the transport and management of these fuels. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_ap11_000001.mp4

    This film shows the "VIP" section of seating for the Apollo 11 launch. The film shows them going to the stands and then watching the rocket as it takes off. Included are many contemporary celebrties, such as Lyndon B. Johnson, Spiro Agnew, Johnny Carson, Hugh O'Brian, Barry Goldwater, Larry Bird Johnson, and Hermann Oberth.
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