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  • loc_gold_000247_000252.pdf

    Various documents regarding transactions of different amounts paid by J. W. Erwin and W. V. Styles to S. Schiffman & Co. throughout the year 1899. The final document is a loan form for mules for $409.65.
  • loc_gold_000258_000260.pdf

    W. E. Rinkley tells S. Schiffman that he has already paid the man who built a hen house and garden. He also tells Schiffman that he has reached out to Mr. Landers regarding his taxes and asks Schiffman to reach out and see what is happening there as Landers has not replied to Rinkley.
  • loc_gold_000261_000263_000265_000265.pdf

    In the telegram A. J. Abrahams acknowledges that S. Schiffman will cover a $300 bill. It ends with a promise to explain the circumstances in a letter that will follow. In the handwritten letter to S. Schiffman, A. J. Abrahams details the circumstances surrounding the need for S. Schiffman to cover the bill and thanks him for his kindness.
  • loc_gold_000264_000264_000267_000269.pdf

    These documents contain reciepts, correspondence, and payment of the purchase of horse equipment and "1 pair horses" by I. Schiffman.
  • loc_gold_000271_000272.pdf

    Correspondence regarding Ida B. Dallas's missing dividend check on her stocks for Huntsville Land Improvement Co. Goldsmith responds, informing her that no dividends were paid October 1, 1912 due to repairs and painting of the property of the Company, therefore the expenses do not allow for a surplus for dividends.
  • loc_gold_000273_000274.pdf

    A request calling for a general Stock Holders Meeting of the Huntsville Land Company issued by Oscar Goldsmith. The second document contains signatures of Oscar Goldsmith and Solomon Plant with a handwritten note that reads: "Please sign this and have Mr. Plant sign".
  • loc_gold_000275_000275.pdf

    A bill for six rolls of roofing for $9.30 to Oscar Goldsmith with the Huntville Land Co.
  • loc_gold_000276_000276.pdf

    H. B. Smith requesting Oscar Goldsmith to pay the taxes due by Mrs. Trevani B. Dallas on her lot at Monte Sano again as he did the previous year. Smith offers if Goldsmith does this, he will refund the amount paid.
  • loc_gold_000277_000278.pdf

    In this letter, H. B. Smith responds to a previous letter from Goldsmith regarding the sell of a lot of land in 1916, two years previous. He also details an offer for the stock he currently holds in the Huntsville Land Company that he will be refusing. The second letter is from Oscar Goldsmith to S. M. Milliken regarding the shares that Mr. Smith wrote about and them receiving multiple bids on the stock. He informs Milliken that Mr. Rison will be taking part in it as well.
  • loc_gold_000280_000282_000288_000291.pdf

    These first two letters, written by Ed to "Papa" Oscar Goldsmith detail paying off land notes to get money for possible "urgent purpose[s]". The second letter discusses a charge Ed put in the ledger and the hope to "improve things" with his business. The next letter is also from Ed. In this letter, Ed discloses information regarding his lack of a permanent place and inquires if he should sell the property on Clinton Street and his car. The final two letters are written by an unknown author, but contain information from Oscar to Ed in reponse to Ed's letters. The letters advise Ed not to sell the house on Clinton Street as it would sell for less than he owes on it at the time, but does advise to sell his car. It also tells of payments made by Oscar at the request of Ed. It discloses details about Ed's financial situation. The second letter regards a dividend Ed received from the Wonderfield Oil Co. along with a note that "Papa" is feeling better.
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