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  • loc_jonh_000286_000322.pdf

    Assorted photographs of doors, shutters, windows, plaster finishes, gates, latches, locks, hasps, hinges, rods, door pulls, racks, and bolts. Includes details from the Fearn House, Phelps Jones House, Kelly House, Grove-Bassett House, Chapman House, McCrary-Thomas House, Mooresville Post Office, Mooresville Store, Erskine-McMains House, and Cades Cove.
  • loc_jonh_000183_000285R.pdf

    Assorted photographs of posts and fences, gates, brick patterns, foot scrapers, coach mounts, cut stone, dairy troughs, vents, chimneys, brick bonds, gutters, cornices, clapboards, backboards, windows, trim, hinges, building frames, siding, carriage houses, rafters, flooring, mantles, stairs, handrails, and doors.
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