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    This work described in this report was performed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under contract NASw-16. Rocketdyne is now building the F-1 engine for the Apollo lunar mission. Five F-1 engines, each capable of developing 1-1/2 million pounds of thrust will power the first stage of the launch vehicle of Saturn V.
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    Brazing as a technique for joining metal parts has been utilized for centuries. Industry, however, has only begun to use it on a wide scale in the last twenty years. The rapid growth of brazing has been a result of consumer and military demands Tor products of lighter weight, less expense, and higher performance. Today, brazing is one of the most widely used fabrication techniques in the production of liquid rockets, gas turbines, refrigerator and other types of heat exchangers, automobile parts, vacuum tubes, and many nuclear products.
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