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  • spc_spac_000348_000349.pdf

    The flier has illustrations of the "Customer Operated Boat Ride" and its possible tracks as well as ride specifications.
  • loc_burw_film_017.mp4

    Films of various family vacations. Notable events include a trip to the Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and mid-century Washington D.C.
    Boats and boating [08:04]
    Blue Ridge Parkway [00:24]
    Mount Vernon [06:47]
    Washington D.C. [01:48, 04:31]
    People interacting with bears [12:35]
  • loc_burw_film_013.mp4

    Several home movies of a young boy playing with a microphone followed by family footage of a trip to Disney World.
    Play [00:03, 00:45]
    Disney World trip [01:40]
    Aerial gondolas [04:46, 06:13]
    Boats and boating [05:01, 05:30, 07:47, 09:46, 12:15]
    Monorail [05:17]
    Puppet show [07:59]
  • loc_burw_film_012.mp4

    Home movies that primarily depict a Christmas scene and an extended cruise around the Caribbean.
    Christmas [00:02]
    Royal Caribbean Resort in Labadie, Haiti [05:03]
    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic [08:16]
    Miami [09:44]
  • loc_burw_film_006.mp4

    Family films of Christmas and a vacation in the Smoky Mountains during the 1950s.
    Noccalula Falls [00:01, 00:50]
    Family life [00:38, 01:18, 02:20, 03:55, 06:03]
    Boats and boating [02:04, 02:46
    Flags [02:56]
    Landscapes and infrastructure [03:23, 04:22, 06:10, 07:12]
    Cherokee Trading Post [05:17]
    Christmas [07:35]
  • loc_burw_film_002.mp4

    "Christmas at Claire's. Leonard's Boat & Dudley [illegible] Christmas. Panama City. Raughtons - Effie & all the children. [illegible] - Sophie & Charles. Rosanne adv. on TV 1971. Turkey dinner at Raughtons."

  • Loc_burw-816.pdf

    This photograph shows a ship docked in the Bay of Naples from Sorrento, Italy.
  • Loc_burw-813.pdf

    This photograph shows ships docked in the Bay of Naples from Sorrento, Italy.
  • Loc_burw--1744.pdf
  • Loc_burw--1743.pdf
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