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  • Spacelab_Merged_Compressed.pdf

    Illustration of Spacelab with cutouts showing people working inside.
  • Space_Technology_001.pdf

    Marketing campaign poster for NASA. Features an image of a space shuttle over the Earth.
  • Space_Shuttle_Missions_001.pdf

    Double-sided informational poster showing emblems from each of the space shuttle missions. The back has text details related to each mission.
  • Space_Physics_Division_flipped_001.pdf

    Red poster with graphics related to space physics.
  • One_Small_Step_For_Man_001.pdf

    Poster featuring artwork of an astronaut in front of the moon. Small images of the Apollo 11 astronauts are in the background"
  • Mars_Exploration_Rovers_2003_Merged.pdf

    Computer graphic image of Mars rover with smaller photos and graphics near the top.
  • If_its_Not_Safe_Say_So_001.pdf

    Painting of Galileo and a space shuttle above Earth. Purpose of document is to promote the NASA Safety Reporting System.
  • Going_To_Work_in_Space_Merged_Compressed.pdf

    Photo of a space shuttle in the air.
  • EUVE_Extreme_Ultraviolet_Explorer_001.pdf

    Poster featuring painting of a satellite and a rocket in front of a night sky. Back of poster contains information and figures related to the EUVE satellite.
  • Aeronautics_merged_Compressed.pdf

    Collage artwork depicting the history of aeronautics
  • Blueprint_for_Space_Merged_compressed.pdf

    Photo of rocket taking off under illustration of the solar system with the Sun with a face in the center.
  • U.S._Space_Station_001.pdf

    Painting of the U.S. Space Station above Earth. Signed by Pettus. 1986"
  • The_Voyage_Must_Continue_Merged_Compressed.pdf

    Image of astronaut floating in space with Earth and the Moon reflected in the helmet.
  • Discover_Space_with_a_Canadian_Astronaut_001.pdf

    Poster featuring photos and names of Canadian Astronauts. Chronology of Canadian Astronaut Missions included at the bottom of the poster. One side of the poster is in english, while the other side is the same information, but in French.
  • Delta_II_001.pdf

    Computer animated poster featuring a rocket, cell phone, satellite, rover, and a radio telescope. Boeing promotional material.
  • International_Space_Station_001.pdf

    Poster featuring a painting of the International Space Station with images of the flags of the countries involved on both the left and right sides of the painting. A paragraph about ATK Alliant Techsystems is found in the lower righthand corner.
  • insspaveh.pdf

    Presented on September 21, 1962, at the Eleventh Tagung Der Deutchen Raketen - Gesellschaft, Koblenz, West Germany. Instrumentation sf the Saturn space vehicle represents a considerable effort during the development phase, for proper design evaluatian of this new configuration, its propulsion system, and its structure and control characteristics, an unprecedented number of measurements are required to be carried onboard and to be recovered, These measurements are expected to work properly and to furnish the design engineer with information that is not available by ground testing,
  • panamclipdec1964_070207161723.pdf

    A collection of articles, one of which musing about the landing on/colonization of Mars in the future.
  • unitaircquarbeehivexxxviino2_041207122401.pdf.pdf

    A book containing various articles surrounding the activities and achievements of the Saturn program up to Spring, 1962.
  • UnitAirc1962.pdf.pdf

    A book containing various articles surrounding the activities and achievements of the Saturn program up to January, 1962.
  • firshundreco_061107143958.pdf

    Keynote address at National Aeronautics and Space Administration to the American Rocket Society Conference on Launch Vehicle Structures and Materials. Speech focuses on problems facing the structure of Saturn rockets and other space vehicles.
  • Listacadthessinc1961_091907132623.pdf

    This preliminary listing of academic theses of interest to historians and social scientists is made available for general information, critical comments and related suggestions. The NASA Historical Advisory Committee suggested that such a listing might provide useful perspective on contemporary scholarship. Mr. Charles Atkins, a member of our Summer Seminar on "History, Social Science and Space" and graduate student in Political Science at M.I.T., kindly undertook this task. The NASA Historical Staff is also sponsoring preparation of a bibliography of bibliographies on the history of aeronautics and astronautics, and is undertaking a list of research resources available for academic scholarship. These will be available sometime this fall. Eugene M. Emme, NASA Historian.; NNH-61.; FOREWORD: This listing represents a first attempt to compile academic theses of relevance to the history of aeronautics and astronautics. It has been estimated that almost 70,000 doctoral dissertations have been completed in American universities since 1961, so this select compilation must be regarded as preliminary. In accord with the desire of the Historical Staff of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to assist scholarly research, it is hoped that this list may be suggestive. It will, hopefully, stimulate a response which will permit additions to this listing of interest to historians and other scholars concerned with science, technology, and public policy in the twentieth century.
  • Letttothevicepres52461_121008162821.pdf

    This is an attempt to answer some of the questions about our national space program raised by The President in his memorandum to you dated April 20, 1961. I should like to emphasize that the following comments are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in which I have the honor to serve.
  • msfcsystengcapaabstrepo_031607075657.pdf

    List of proposals, plans and other sections with subsections that describe studies or projects under that criteria.
  • orgofacou_060508114422.pdf

    The Organization of a Countdown was developed over 8 years of missiles and space systems testing at the Douglas Aircraft Company, Sacramento test Center. The experience on which this study was based includes the Thor development and acceptance testing, Titan I second stage engine development testing, Development of liquid hydrogen handling techniques, Saturn S-IV and S-IVB development and acceptance testing. The intent of this paper is to examine the static test countdown organization and discuss the need for a systematic method to organize a countdown.
  • resgrantscontr_071707100507.pdf

    Press-release detailing 27 research grants sent to numerous universities.
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