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  • spc_dann_000121.mp4

    Ingeborg and Klaus showing blooming flowers in back garden. Klaus, Konrad and others enjoying the backyard pool, 5901 Jumilla Ave, spring 1956.
  • spc_dann_000122.mp4

    Summer 1956 backyard activities at 5901 Jumilla Ave in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, California. Showcase of the backyard garden as well as Klaus and Konrad swimming the the backyard pool.
  • spc_dann_000123.mp4

    Klaus, Konrad, and Ingeborg drive up to near Monterey, California, summer 1956. They show portions of the drive up as well as all of them walking along the coastal cliffs.
  • spc_dann_000124.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg tour San Francisco and Sacramento, seeing Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Tower Bridge, and the California state capitol building. Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000125.mp4

    Firt portion shows Ingeborg and Klaus Dannenberg touring Sutter's Fort in Sacramento. Second portion shows the view from a vista overlooking Donner Lake in Tahoe National Forest. Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000126.mp4

    First portion shows the Dannenberg family in Reno, Nevada, shopping and gambling. The second portion shows the stop in Wendover, on the border between Utah and Nevada. Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000127.mp4

    Konrad, Ingeborg, and Klaus Dannenberg see Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. In Yellowstone, Konrad captured footage of the "mud volcano" and the "dragon's mouth" as well as some local wildlife. Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000128.mp4

    In Yellowstone Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg continues to tour the park, seeing Lewis falls via artist point and the geyser Old Faithful. Konrad Dannenberg's additional note on the film box reads, "New Unused Film! film was tangled!" Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000129.mp4

    The Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg stop at the continental divide and enjoy the sights from this location. Klaus and Ingeborg also go on a chair lift to see more of the surrounding mountains. Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000130.mp4

    First portion shows Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg stopping in Dodge City, Kansas and touring Boot Hill, Summer 1956. The second portion is Konrad filming Niagara Falls.
  • spc_dann_000131.mp4

    Film shows Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg returning to their home in Monte Sano outside of Huntsville, Alabama. Also shows family departing for Niagara Falls. Konrad Dannenberg's additional notes on the film box read, "Begin w/ 2nd Half! when [illegible]!" Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000132.mp4

    Intro showing states travelled through on the way to Canada. Then shows tunnel crossing under Detroit river into Canada and map of route to Niagara Falls. Konrad Dannenberg's additional notes on the film box read, "NIAGARA FALLS: thru ONTARIO ON MAP INTO Niagara Falls." Summer 1956.
  • spc_dann_000133.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg tour Niagara and Horseshoe Falls on both the Canadian and American sides.
  • spc_dann_000134.mp4

    Portions of film depict Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg going to Sunday services at St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Rest of film is shot on Monte Sano showing changing leaves on trees and family hiking. Fall 1956.
  • spc_dann_000135.mp4

    Intro shows the exterior of the Dannenberg residence as well as the yard in October of 1956. Remainder of film shows Klaus and Ingeborg Dannenberg visiting Huntsville High School.
  • spc_dann_000136.mp4

    Video shows Dannenberg family going through Christmas presents at home on Panorama Drive, Huntsville, Alabama. Also shows some of the outdoor Christmas decorations at the Dannenberg residence. Winter 1956.
  • spc_dann_000137.mp4

    Footage of small family gathering for Christmas at Dannenberg residence. First portion shows outdoor decorations both by day and by night. The rest shows family gathering and some of the inside Christmas decorations and Christmas cards. Winter 1956.
  • spc_dann_000164.mp4

    First clip shows some of the construction on the house, namely a worker digging a trench into the house as well as other workers modifying the electric lines to serve their new house. The rest of the film shows the Dannenberg Family (Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg) looking over plans for what the house is eventually going to look like. Winter 1958.
  • spc_dann_000165.mp4

    The film shows the Dannenbergs' new house well under construction. The principle activities shown are the crafting of the roof joists and some of the bricklaying. Summer 1958.
  • spc_dann_000166.mp4

    Construction continues on the Dannenbergs' new house. Seen in this film is bricklaying of the outer wall, framing of the roof, and the pouring and smoothing over of the concrete carport slab. Summer 1958.
  • spc_dann_000167.mp4

    This film focuses on the roofing work on the Dannenbergs' new house. Shown are workers trimming the eaves of the roof as well as nailing down the weatherproof cover to the top of the roof. Summer/Autumn 1958.
  • spc_dann_000168.mp4

    Roofing work continues on the Dannenbergs' new house. In this film, the roof is being built over the family room. Klaus Dannenberg is shown climbing up onto the roof to check it out. Summer/Autumn 1958.
  • spc_dann_000169.mp4

    This film shows the starting work on the Dannenbergs' new house. They first chop down and burn all of the foliage that's growing where the house will be. Then a construction crew comes in and grades the site. The final shot shows Konrad and Klaus Dannenberg marking the corners of the new house. Konrad Dannenberg's notes on the film box read, "1) Cleaning of House Area, Tommy + Klaus 2) Grading w/ Digger (IMK) 3) Woodburning + chopping 4) [illegible] and hose w/ transit 5)Ko and Klaus setting up corners. Very good film!" Summer 1958.
  • spc_dann_000170.mp4

    The work depicted in this film is the laying of the foundation and basement as well as the delivery and erection of the lumber for use in the floor and first story walls of the Dannenbergs' new home.Konrad Dannenberg's notes on the film box read, "1) The lumber arrives w/the Vick's Lumber Co, Hamilton 2) OD Porter moves bricks 3) Laying the subfloor frame (Newton + T. Walker) 4) Newton smirks w/satisfaction 5) Kids on house [illegible] 6) View of house struts walls. Summer 1958.
  • spc_dann_000171.mp4

    Continuation of the construction on the Dannenbergs' new home. Primarily shown is some of the roof framing, masonry work, and propping up the beams over the family room. Film also depicts an older couple being shown around the house while still under construction. Summer/Autumn 1958.
  • spc_dann_000172.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg go to a party at the McCrarys' house. Shown are pictures of the adults chatting, as well as a scene of Klaus playing catch with another boy at the party. Konrad Dannenberg's notes on the film box read, "Summer Excursion to the McCrary's - 23 May '59. Scene around the house. Burmah and Mc - The Kids play baseball incl. I. Pizarro. The Ludewigs arrive." May 1959.
  • spc_dann_000173.mp4

    This film shows the latter half of the McCrarys' party in summer 1959. Shown are most of the guests in attendance walking to the pond and back to the house. Later, a smaller group breaks off and drives out to see the cattle feed. Konrad Dannenberg's notes on the film box read, "The Walk to the Lake (Kids, Tillers, King and G. Rees, Hennings), Auto Trip to the Cow Pasture. Mc feeds the cattle w/hay." May 1959.
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