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  • Instprogcompcont_082007101905.pdf

    A number of considerations are necessary in instrumentation programming, many of which are either not applicable or applicable to a lesser degree in other types of programming. This paper discusses these problems in general terms and illustrates how they have been dealt with specifically. The latter is done by describing the programming and operation of a data reduction system.
  • Probexperprogmane_112707121415.pdf

    Letter to "management" detailing problems identified in management's handling of projects.

    Contains a set of photographs. Only one photograph, one of four people horseback riding, has identification of those displayed in it.
  • loc_burw_-60.pdf

    The document informs Edwin D. Burwell Jr.'s commanfing officer of his hospitalization.
  • Manprowitpri_011608082119.pdf

    To be presented at the NASA / Rocketdyne Manufacturing Technology Review. Focuses on how best to avoid printed circuit boards.
  • letttomrdavid_011708082022.pdf

    Letter David L. Christensen from W. Angele responding to a pervious request.
  • spc_stnv_000087.pdf

    This document contains the transcript from the Apollo 7 mission. This transcript contains the communication from the first seven days of the ten day mission.
  • spc_schu_680_718.pdf

    Subtitled "Some of the Old Timers' Contributions to the Science of Space," this booklet commemorates the accomplishments of the group of engineers posted at Fort Bliss, Texas, beginning in 1945. It includes a brief history of rocket development in Germany from 1929 through 1944, photographs of the 1965 Old Timers Reunion, and a directory of the oldtimers. It also includes a transcript of a speech given by Wernher von Braun in honor of Walter Dornberger's retirement.
  • spc_schu_719_781.pdf

    The materials include a letter from Walter Wiesman and an Old Timers Reunion booklet. The booklet includes reproduced news clippings, the reunion program, and photographs from Fort Bliss, as well as photographs of reunion attendees and activities with subjects identified. The reunion booklet also includes photographs from a meeting of the Alabama Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

    This section contains numerous miscellaneous legal documents
  • spc_kuer_000001.pdf
  • spc_mccg_000025_000059.pdf
  • spc_mraz_0000048.pdf
  • Origdrawredpdf_022107152056.pdf

    The document is a photocopy of the Drawing Number Assignments from August 1947 to May 1953. Categories include but are not limited to the drawing number, title, designer, and date finished. Inscribed on the front is "original book property of Jay Laue, MSFC."
  • Carbburnnuclat_120808095217.pdf

    "Carbon-Burning Nucleosyntesis at Constant Temperature" is part of the Orange Aid preprint Series in Nuclear Astrophysics, August 1968. The abstract states "Syntesis of elements during thermonuclear burning of carbon is examined at a series of temperatures (T=0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4) and for several initial compositions. Recent eperimental results (Ptterson, Winkler, and Zaidins 1968) for the 12C+!@C reaction are used. A general method for numerical solution of nuclear-reaction networkds is described. At the higher temperatures in the range now thought to be appropriate for carbon burning in stars,
  • Decorative Wardian Case.JPG

    A picture of a diagram of an early decorative Wardian Case designed featured in Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward's published book on the subject. The decorative case would not be used for long range plant transportation, but instead as a self-contained decoration,
  • spc_spac_000257_000276.pdf

    The pamphlet advertises rides and equipment including train rides, merry-go-rounds, platform rides, and boat rides.
  • spc_spac_000277_000280.pdf

    This price list gives the prices for rides including "Merry-Go-Rounds" and their equipment, the "Kiddie Boat Ride," the "Flying Platform Ride," "Modern Merry To Round Drive Units," and trains and their tracks.
  • spc_spac_000352_000353.pdf

    The front of this postcard shows photographs of the 3/5 scale Maxwell and 1910 Ford replica antique cars while the back provides information on them.
  • loc_robf_000272_000282.pdf

    Ashworth and Gill are witnesses for the defendant, Abner Tate. Ashworth's deposition is first. He answers questions regarding Elizabeth Routt and her husbands, particularly of her character and what others said and thought of her. He includes at the end that he has heard of her destroying the lives of her husbands, stealing cotton by way of her slaves, and was accused of having one of her slaves shoot Abner Tate. Thomas O. Gill's deposition follows. He is asked about Elizabeth Routt and her husbands as well, including her character and what others said and thought of her. Gill also confirms hearing of the "great many charges alleged against her." Gill is then cross examined by the plantiff's, Elizabeth Routt, counsel. He is asked whether the charges against her character are of his knowledge or the publics'. Gill names those whom he heard the information from and admits that the charges were rumors rather than facts. He also details the pamphlet written by Abner Tate that he received from an unknown sender. He was also asked about the sicknesses of Routt's husbands and the attending physicians which he was unable to answer.
  • uah_uahp_000328_web.pdf

    McGlathery, shown second from left at the rear, was the first African American student to gain admission to UAH. In the caption, the AP notes that "he enrolled at the previously white institution today without incident."
  • International_Space_Station_001.pdf

    Poster featuring a painting of the International Space Station with images of the flags of the countries involved on both the left and right sides of the painting. A paragraph about ATK Alliant Techsystems is found in the lower righthand corner.
  • Listacadthessinc1961_091907132623.pdf

    This preliminary listing of academic theses of interest to historians and social scientists is made available for general information, critical comments and related suggestions. The NASA Historical Advisory Committee suggested that such a listing might provide useful perspective on contemporary scholarship. Mr. Charles Atkins, a member of our Summer Seminar on "History, Social Science and Space" and graduate student in Political Science at M.I.T., kindly undertook this task. The NASA Historical Staff is also sponsoring preparation of a bibliography of bibliographies on the history of aeronautics and astronautics, and is undertaking a list of research resources available for academic scholarship. These will be available sometime this fall. Eugene M. Emme, NASA Historian.; NNH-61.; FOREWORD: This listing represents a first attempt to compile academic theses of relevance to the history of aeronautics and astronautics. It has been estimated that almost 70,000 doctoral dissertations have been completed in American universities since 1961, so this select compilation must be regarded as preliminary. In accord with the desire of the Historical Staff of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to assist scholarly research, it is hoped that this list may be suggestive. It will, hopefully, stimulate a response which will permit additions to this listing of interest to historians and other scholars concerned with science, technology, and public policy in the twentieth century.
  • spc_mraz_0000058.pdf
  • spc_mraz_065_071.pdf

    The program includes the presentation of Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa, to William A. Mrazek.
  • spc_spac_000166_000171.pdf

    The leaflet advertises Kiddie Rides to chain stores. These rides include the Tusko Elephant, Tusko Cow Pony, Tusko Kamel, Tusko Charger, and Tusko Geep.

    This section contains reports related to the Marshall County Historical Site Survey. The reports are centered around soil-maps and other maps related to traffic.
  • spc_nick_000012_000013.pdf

    In response to Bell's February 13 letter from Edward Almond, Ayers informs Bell that he is attempting to find someone who would write a letter to newspaper publications in agreement with their opinion that Medaris is taking too much credit for his work. Bell responds that he is skeptical Ayers would find anyone as Medaris could make their life a "rather miserable existence".
  • spc_nick_000395_000395.pdf

    Ayers writes to Bell about an article written in The Anniston Star about him and the Nickerson trial and congratulates Bell for getting Nickerson "out as light as he did."
  • spc_nick_000435_000435.pdf

    Ayers writes regarding a wire from General Edward Almond to the National Department of the American Legion "calling on Eisenhower to exonerate our good friend Colonel John Nickerson."
  • Friday__September_8__2017_at_12_16_04_PM_default_2b1019c8.mp4

    Michael Bacato was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1927. When he started high school at the age of 14, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. When he graduated high school, he enlisted in the Navy in 1945 so he wouldn't have to go into the Army. He stayed in the Navy for two years. In the Navy, Michael was on a crew of the Destroyer. When he got discharged from the Navy, he then started college in 1948. To help pay for college, he started working with the merch marines selling out oil tanks. He finished this in 1951. Michael started out in college at New York University, and soon after he almost had to go back to the Navy because North Korea invaded South Korea. To avoid going back, he joined the ROTC at NYU with the airforce. In 1952, he entered the extended active duty with the United States airforce as a second lieutenant. He went to Keesler Airforce Base for training, and he spent two years there. There, he became a Radar Officer. After his training, Michael then started to become interested with Von Braun, and the development of rockets in Huntsville, AL. He then finally made a decision to leave the airforce, and he moved to Huntsville to work. He went into the Mechanical Engineering Design group. One of the first projects he was assigned to was the life support system, working with two monkeys. He then was offered a job in the Bioengineering group, which he liked much better, so he decided to stay with this group. His last program he worked on was on the Hubble Telescope, where he had the opportunity to work with Buzz Aldron.
  • loc_robf_000318_web.pdf
  • loc_robf_000335_web.jpg
  • spacebusinessdaily_19651101.pdf

    This is Vol. 23, No. 1 of Space Business Daily, a Space Publications newsletter. Topics include ComSat's Apollo satelite, upcoming Gemini flights, the Voyager contract, the scheduling of the first flight test of the French SSBS, Lockheed Missile & Space's contract to study possible countermeasures against anti-missles, planned nuclear engine test activities, the launch of the Geodetic Explorer XXIX, the first underwater missiles delivered to the Navy, the developmet of "Dynaflare" for the Saturn program, and Department of Defense contracts.
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