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    Various documents detailing land rented by Frank Williams, payments owed, and rental information including the promissory note promises the payment of $600 to Nelson Acklin for land rented by Frank Williams with signatures of Nelson Acklin and [sic] Schiffman on the back, an inquiry from Laurence Goldsmith regarding the character of Frank Williams as a renter and the bank's business intentions with him, a handwritten note detailing the amounts owed by Frank Williams that were mentioned in the letter from Goldsmith, a response to Goldsmith's inquiry from J. G. Bennett, a note stating the transfer of the rent note to the landlord, I. Schiffman & Co., and the release of Albert Clay's crop, a letter from Frank Williams to Laurence Goldsmith requesting help as he cannot work the land himself due to his wife's illness, and a letter from I. Schiffman & Co. after the transfer of the rented land to the company.
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    Various chattel mortgage contracts and paperwork, seed receipts, checks, payments, and debts pertaining to Frank Williams and the rented land he worked. These documents include multiple handwritten notes.
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    The first documents are a correspondence between C. O. Reed and I. Schiffman & Co. regarding the payment of $147.51 for the "mortgages transferred to" I. Schiffman & Co.. The final letters are between Lawrence Goldsmith and Frank Williams regarding the payment of a blacksmith bill and a cow. Within all the letters is communication regarding the confusion surrounding the payment of Frank William's taxes. The middle letter is from A. S. [O'Fordges?] stating that he did in fact pay the taxes. Lawrence Goldsmith's final letter, however, notes that by March 13, the taxes still had not been paid. Handwritten note on the final letter reads: Written note: "Total-Taxes-1921: 33.60, Re Paid By Rison: 27.64, Paid-By-us & CHS to Frank a/c: 5.96"
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