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  • loc_hilt_0000006_0000042.pdf

    Von Braun, then the director of Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, delivered this speech to the legislature in 1961. In the speech, he emphasizes that Alabama must take advantage of its position in the aerospace industry and create a robust "academic and research environment" in Huntsville to attract businesses that "will give birth to major new industries throughout the state." He exhorts the legislature to fund the newly established University of Alabama Research Institute (now part of the University of Alabama in Huntsville), arguing that "the Institute will not only be self-sustaining, but will enrich the State both financially and culturally." The legislature later approved von Braun's request of $3 million for the Research Institute, enabling the purchase of 200 acres of land for the campus and the construction of the Institute in 1964. The speech includes copies of slides von Braun used during his presentation, including diagrams of Saturn and Nova rockets as well as a mockup of a Saturn rocket on the lawn of the state capitol in Montgomery.
  • spc_schu_1858_1860.pdf

    The materials include a congratulatory note from William A. Schulze to von Braun, in which he notes, "To me it appears like yesterday, when we celebrated your 25th birthday in Kummersdorf." Von Braun's response, handwritten on a card, reads: "It was also great to be 25 or so, when we started working together!" Enclosed are instructions from Eberhard Rees encouraging Marshall retirees to send von Braun personalized birthday wishes for inclusion in a bound volume later.
  • spc_geis_000001_000041.pdf

    This speech was given by Wernher von Braun, then the director of the Development Operations Division at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency, at the 1958 ASME-ARS Aviation Conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • Meetwithhuntcomm_073112203222.pdf

    Transcription of a conversation with Wernher von Braun.
  • Letttothevicepres52461_121008162821.pdf

    This is an attempt to answer some of the questions about our national space program raised by The President in his memorandum to you dated April 20, 1961. I should like to emphasize that the following comments are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in which I have the honor to serve.
  • manaspacprogfielcent_061407150457.pdf

    Transcription of a presentation from Wernher von Braun discussing the roles of the space vehicles in the Apollo project.
  • Letttomrwalt63064_121008163538.pdf

    This letter was attached to the edited transcript of the interview for the John F. Kennedy Library.; Archive copy is a photocopy.
  • Johnfkennmemo_120908091724.pdf

    Memorandum from Wernher von Braun regarding a request made for NASA's cooperation to obtain resources from the Kennedy Memorial Library.
  • Commonsa-5_120808164545.pdf

    A notation in the upper lefthand corner states "For the record: These are Dr. von Braun's comments to present to President Kennedy during his visit at Cape Canaveral, Fla., Nov. 16, 1963." A handwritten note is in the upper right corner. It appears that some of the pages to this document are missing.
  • Goddpatenote_120808163704.pdf

    Archive copy is a poor photocopy.; Handwritten in ink is: Ref: Goddard Patents (See D. Akens for final draft of letter).
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