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  • spc_schu_550_551.pdf

    This document identifies the first group of German engineers to be brought to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip. Seven of the men listed were eventually transported to the U. S. Army post at Fort Bliss, Texas: Wernher von Braun, Wilhelm Jungert, Erich Neubert, Theo Poppel, Eberhard Rees, August Schulze, and Walter Schwidetski. The men were transported from Germany by air and then by train once in the United States.
  • loc_salm_000015.pdf

    The trip was part of "United States Forces European Theatre of operations - Furlough transit tours Germany-Rome." The itinerary includes arrivals and departures for locations in Switzerland and Italy.
  • loc_salm_000275_000277.pdf

    The book includes details about Salmon's exchange transactions while stationed in Europe in spring 1946.
  • loc_salm_000278_000280.pdf

    The card was issued to and signed by M. Louis Salmon.
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