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    This letter, written on September 4, 1855, contains information regarding several murders the occurred at the [sic] House between 1841 and 1846, as reported by D. H. Bingham. He further details the arrest and imprisonment of a Mr. John Gordon in relation to the murders, and his appearing in court. Possible information regarding the burial of the murdered men are offered in the letter as well. The letter ends with Abner Tate discussing the validity of certain confessions as many "delight" in "destroying the reputations of others."
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    The Note to Moore's Statement was signed A.T., alluding to the possibility that Abner Tate wrote this. The note discusses the testimony of Mrs. Willis and Colonal Sheid regarding a search for Sawyer, one of the murdered men. It traces Sawyer's known whereabouts prior to him going missing. The note claims that A.T. had never heard of Sawyer or Rein, the second victim, until August 1855.
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