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  • spacfligprojtodaandtomo_032207104326.pdf

    NASA symposium on scientific and technical Information.
  • metmeawitpropeg_081707093957.pdf

    Presentation at the Northeast Electronics Research and Engineering Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, November 4, 1965. Ernest Stuhlinger, Director, Research Projects Laboratory, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA), Huntsville, Alabama.; INTRODUCTION: The prime objective of Project Pegasus is to measure, in the vicinity of the earth, the meteoroid penetration frequency in aluminum sheets of thicknesses which approach those of space capsule walls. Plans for the project were initiated at NASA in 1962 by the Office of Advanced Research and Technology and the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. Throughout the project, members of the Langley Research Centers supported the project with experiments and advice.
  • Letttodrkeitt_120108134638.pdf

    Letter to Kieth T. Glennan from Ernst Stuhlinger regarding a potential meeting between Glennan, Wernher von Braun Horner and Ernst himself. Attached is a required resume.
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