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  • earorbworkcapbrochA_021110095433.pdf.pdf

    A brochure designed to depict a competence and capability in the area of large earth-orbital workshops.
  • enggcappresentation.pdf.pdf

    This Engineering Capabilities Presentation lists the competence and capability that has been demonstrated by the Space Support Division of Sperry Rand Corporation while fulfilling contractual commitments in the aerospace industry. This is a preliminary presentation; the preparation of a complete capabilities history of the division is currently in the developmental stage. The Capabilities Experience Summary is comprised of ten categories. e.g. Category 1 - Aeronautics, etc. The capabilities reported herein were performed by the Space Support Division under Contract NAS8-20055 to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, George C. Marshall Flight Center, Astrionics Laboratory, Huntsville, Alabama.
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