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    These three letters detail I. Schiffman & Co.'s claim to $500 from the mortgage of Tom Toney on the automobile that was originally sold to him but later seized in 1919 for transporting untaxpaid liquor (see "Lawsuit against Tom Toney"). However, while the claim was approved by a Mr. McNeel, the refund was refused by the commissioner at Washington. R.E. Smith, representing I. Schiffman & Co., writes to McNeel, Danforth, and O'Rear Advisors and Consultants in hopes of reopening the claim again. McNeel, Danforth, and O'Rear advise Smith that reopening the claim would do no good. In the end, the prohibition commissioner, R. A. Haynes permanently closes the claim and I. Schiffman & Co. does not receive the $500 claim.
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    R. E. Smith, as city attorney, writes to inform Oscar Goldsmith of an unpaid balance for improvements on Jefferson Street. He requests Goldsmith to call the office of the Clerk of the City of Huntsville to settle the claim.
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