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  • Roleofvonbraulett_121108095421.pdf

    Memorandum from NASA Chief of Public Affairs to Eugine M. Emme. States that a video from Wernher von Braun are included regarding his views on the NASA program.
  • iupresdedi_080207152456.pdf

    This is a note book that contains newspaper articles and photographs about the new IBM building in Huntsville, Alabama. It also has information about the Instrument Unit for the first Saturn IB flight. There is also information about the Saturn IB Instrument Unit being barged to Kennedy Space Center.; There are 2 pages that list the articles with the title, newspaper name, writer and date.; There are six color photographs that show the dedication of the IBM building and the Instrument Unit. One photograph has Dr. Wernher von Braun standing behind the ring. Two of the photographs show the Instrument Unit on a trailer being pulled by a truck.; Preferred Citation: [Identification of item] Saturn V Collection, Dept. of Archives/Special Collections, M. Louis Salmon Library, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL.
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