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  • spc_schu_1858_1860.pdf

    The materials include a congratulatory note from William A. Schulze to von Braun, in which he notes, "To me it appears like yesterday, when we celebrated your 25th birthday in Kummersdorf." Von Braun's response, handwritten on a card, reads: "It was also great to be 25 or so, when we started working together!" Enclosed are instructions from Eberhard Rees encouraging Marshall retirees to send von Braun personalized birthday wishes for inclusion in a bound volume later.
  • spc_stnv_000108.pdf

    This paper focuses on an approach for achieving high reliability within the Navigation, Guidance, and Control systems of the Saturn class launch vehicles.
  • pdf_013108114114.pdf

    Presented to ACHEMA Congress and European Meeting of Chemical Engineering 1967, Frankfurt, Germany, June 21, 1967 by Dr. Eberhard Rees.; Includes slide numbers.
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