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    Paper by J. W. Moore and J. R. Mitchell, Quality & Reliability Assurance Laboratory, Marshall Space Flight Center, and H. H. Trauboth, Computation Laboratory, Marshall Space Flight Center. The paper summary notes, "The advancement of the space age into increasingly complex and ambitious missions requiring the development and operation of more sophisticated and intricate launch vehicles has generated numerous problem areas. The purpose of this paper is to define the Aerospace Vehicle Simulation; discuss the relationship of this simulation to the major problem areas of checkout; describe the development and implementation of this simulation system; indicate multidiscipline applications to present and future programs."
  • Contrforsatuuppe_120108134449.pdf

    Details contracts for upper stages of Saturn IV and Saturn V and includes illustrative appendixes. Archive copy is a photocopy.
  • digsim.pdf.pdf

    The rapid development of computer technology and the creation of new engineering oriented languages has established that general purpose digital computers are now extremely suitable to perform simulation of large scale physical systems. With Aerospace Vehicle Simulation (AVS), an effort has been undertaken at MSFC to simulate continuous and discrete dynamics of an aerospace vehicle and its ground support equipment on a large digital computer. This simulation produces a copy of the physical vehicle configuration and its functions in the form of a large scale mathematical model in the computer. AVS will be an essential part of an integrated information system which can be used by several laboratories and offices at MSFC for the design, checkout, test, and management of aerospace vehicles.
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