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  • humafactatmsky1.pdf.pdf

    Statement of work: Man/Machine activities -ATM; ATM problem areas; EVA commuting problem; Other EVA considerations; Analysis of crew considerations Mission 211/212; Mission objectives Crew Considerations; Mission Fight Profile & Operations Crew Considerations; Experiment operations crew considerations; EVA equipment requirements; Crew considerations carrier recommendations; Conclusions and recommendations crew considerations; Crew operations requirements preliminary 10 August 1996; ATM stabilization and control; ATM Carrier habitability and profile; Other ATM man/machine considerations.; Original is a poor photocopy.; Document has no page numbering.
  • U.S._Space_Station_001.pdf

    Painting of the U.S. Space Station above Earth. Signed by Pettus. 1986"
  • sdsp_skyl_000035_001.pdf

    This poster is a comprehensive depiction of the Skylab space habitat as a whole, as well as a general summary of the Skylab program as a whole, including descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the organizations involved in the Skylab program.
  • 001.pdf

    The "Skylab" in the title was a later addition. This is a summary of the human factor aspects of the Apollo Applications space habitat.
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