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  • Mannlunalandprog_112508122213.pdf

    Memorandum recommending formulating a "justification" for the Apollo project and and place schedules/plans on a "firmer foundation."
  • Lettlieugenesamu_120208112528.pdf

    Letter to Lieutenant General Samuel C. Phillips from George M. Lowe regarding what happened on the Apollo 6 flight.
  • Lettmrharr_120208122109.pdf

    Letter to Harrison A. Storms from George H. Lowe and Joseph F. Shea expressing concerns they have over the lack of positive actions taken by the NAA.
  • Letttodrgeoremuel_120208110241.pdf

    This letter regarding designations for Apollo missions notes that "Unfortunately, the scheme for designating missions as stated in your message does not yet solve the problem of reserving the Apollo 1 name for Spacecraft 012 and its crew. As we have discussed with you and General Phillips in the past, the wives of the three deceased astronauts have made a special plea to reserve this Apollo 1 designation for Spacecraft 012 and the Grissom, White and Chaffee crew."; Archive copy is a photocopy.; In replay refer to: AB.
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