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  • loc_hutc_000051_000058.pdf

    Hodges writes to Hutchens, his cousin, requesting help as they have hit hard times as a drought wiped out his crops, and he has no money to buy groceries or clothes. Brittain then writes to Hutchens on behalf of Hodges almost two months later requesting Hutchens' help. Brittain writes again in June thanking Hutchens for the package he send Hodges. The final letter is Hodges writing to Hutchens thanking him for the package and detailing his crops success and failure.
  • loc_hutc_000193_000203.pdf

    This envelope contained various receipts and handwritten calculations and notes pertaining to the building and assessment of the new street proposed by William Thomas Hutchens. Receipts include totals for paving the streets of Monroe and West Clinton, and the assessment notices of the completed streets.
  • loc_hutc_000147_000151.pdf

    This contract outlines the purchase and installation of automatic sprinklers for the sum of $1,674.00. The contract outlines the agreement of how the Huntsville Ware-House Co. will pay after the installation and the promises made by Hutchens & Murdock of products and techniques used. These scans include the handwritten notes on the backs of each page.
  • loc_hutc_000059_000061.pdf

    This letter to Senator Hundley discusses a list of male taxpayers that was sent and certified by the assessor. Through the details of this list, Hutchens appears to argue about an amendment that is up for consideration in the Senate. Hutchens served as the president of Huntsville, Alabama from 1893 to 1897 and eventually Huntsville mayor from 1920 to 1922. Before 1916, the office of mayor was known as "president". Hutchens was the third to hold the title of mayor.
  • loc_hutc_000077_000084.pdf

    These handwritten documents contain the plans and proposal for a new street that would be known as West Arm Street. The documents also include illustrations of the proposed street layout and dimensions.
  • loc_hutc_000087_000100.pdf

    This agreement outlines the debt of Hutchens & Murdock of twelve hundred and fifty dollars. The agreement outlines the promise to pay $250.00 every six months until the debt is payed off. The agreement also includes the inventory of Hutchens & Murdocks's personal property at two locations that would be held in mortgage until the debt is paid in full. Following the agreement, handwritten lists detail the personal inventory of two locations: the plumbing shop of Hutchens & Murdock "opposite Easley's Hotel and their plubming shop on W. Clinton Street. The final page shows three of the five promisory notes for the debt to be paid in increments of $250.00.
  • loc_hutc_000101_000105.pdf

    This document contains an illustration of the proposed new street and a written proposal of its location and purpose.
  • loc_hutc_000109_000110.pdf

    Hutchens & Murdock agrees in the original text to pay $161.73. The text that is written on top of the original states that Plummer had received $25.04 in full payment. Various other illegible notes remain.
  • loc_hutc_000131_000132.pdf

    This note outlines the procedure that would occur following the payment of all debts against the firm of Hutchens & Murdock.
  • loc_hutc_000136_000138.pdf

    This document states that William Thomas Hutchens paid Andrew J. Murdock $4,702.22 for Murdock's half interest in the pluming and heating business. Attached is the insurance agreement of the property of Hutchens & Murdock and the payment agreement for the insurance.
  • loc_hutc_000139_000142.pdf

    These documents list the real estate owned by William Thomas Hutchens and Andrew J. Murdock, a list of stocks and bonds, and a contract between Hutchens and Hutchens & Murdock to lease two lower floors, basement, and grounds of a building owned by Hutchens & Murdock for the price of $40.00 per month.
  • loc_hutc_000143_000143.pdf

    This notice by William Thomas Hutchens written on stationary from the office of the Postmaster describes the dissolving of Hutchens & Murdock due to the "ill health" of Andrew J. Murdock and the recommendation of his physician to "seek a new climate."
  • loc_hutc_000144_000145.pdf

    Written on Hutchens & Erwin letterhead, this notice announces the partnership of William Thomas Hutchens and Andrew J. Murdock in the forming of Hutchens & Murdock to "carry on the business of plumbing, gas, and steam pipe fitting." Hutchens previously partnered with Dr. Erwin in his plumbing business.
  • loc_hutc_000152_000155.pdf

    This letter to Senator Hundley discusses Hutchens' thoughts of Hundley's political actions and also tells Hundley that the board unanimously agreed to request Hundley to have the part of their new charter.
  • loc_hutc_000176_000176.pdf

    This brief notice states that the firm of Hutchens and Montgomery is dissoved by "mutual consent." It is signed by William Thomas Hutchens and J. E. Montgomery.
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