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    The document's mission summary states "This documet is perpared jointly by the Marshall Sapce Fligh Center Laboratories S&E-ASTR-S, S&E-AERO-P, and S&E-ASTN-ESD. The document presents a brief and concise description of the AS-506 Apollo Saturn Space Vehicle and the AS-506 mission. Where necessary, for clarification, additional related information has been included. It is not intended that this document completely define the Space Vehicle, its sytems or subsystems in detail. The information presented herein by text and sketches, describe launch preparation, ground support activities, and the space vehicle. This information permits the reader to follow the sequence of events beginning a few hours before liftoff to mission completion."
  • spc_stnv_000083.pdf

    According to the introduction found on page ii, this document was created to detail the "MSFC segment of the total Apollo Management process and to describe the methodologies and techniques currently being implemented."
  • spc_stnv_000116.pdf

    "This report outlines, through a series of sketches with accompanying text, the general features of the SA-203 Launch Vehicle and information on launch preparation, the launch facility and mission peculiar experiments."
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