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  • loc_dall_ledger_000069.pdf

    This minute book documents the activities of the Board of Directors of the Dallas Manufacturing Company in Huntsville, Alabama. The book includes meeting minutes, company correspondence, list of contracts with suppliers, information about company stock and production, lists of subscribers, and statements of profits and operating expenses.

    Notably, the minute book also includes a February 1893 letter from Oscar Goldsmith noting that "The Huntsville Land Company have built 50 double Houses for the Employees of Dallas M'f'g. Company. And as per request of Mr. Dallas will build 25 more houses for the same purpose." Goldsmith's letter is accompanied by a plat map that indicates the location of the houses. Streets shown include Pettigrew Avenue, Mellette Avenue, Halsey Avenue, Rison Avenue, Stevens Avenue, Humes Avenue, O'Shaughnessy Avenue, McCullough Avenue, Dallas Avenue, and cross streets.
  • loc_gold_000372_000373.pdf

    Receipts detailing the purchase of paint by Oscar Goldsmith and and itemized receipt and list.
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