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    The introduction states, "This paper is designed to present the Rocketdyne engine program as it applies to the Saturn launch vehicles and will apply to the Apollo program of manned flight to the moon (Fig. 1). The vehicle that will launch this flight is the Saturn V, the largest and most powerful of the Saturn family. This vehicle, 362 feet tall and 33 feet in diameter, will be capable of sending a 45-ton payload to the moon or placing a 120-ton payload in earth orbit. Five F-1 engines power the first stage of the Saturn V; five J-2 engines, the second stage; and one J-2 engine, the third stage. The thrust of the first-stage engines alone will be equivalent to 160 million horsepower. Both of these engines, the F-1 and the J-2, were designed at, and are currently being produced by Rocketdyne."
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