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    The document is a booklet created as part of the NASA/Chrysler Corporation Space Division manned flight awareness program. It discusses Chrysler's role in manufacturing and testing the Saturn and includes photographs and diagrams of Saturn stages, operations at Michoud, testing, and future missions. The section headings included in this booklet are "Chrysler and the Saturn," "Saturn at Michoud," "The Voyage of Saturn," "Saturn Firings," and "Saturn's Missions."
  • desdevfabric_071107111534.pdf

    For presentation to the Society of Automotive Engineers, 16 September 1964, Boston, Massachusetts. ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the design, development and fabrication of a prototype hydraulic transformer, Hydro-Aire Model No. 05-055, performed in fulfillment of the requirements of Contract No. NAS 8-5264 for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. The Hydraulic Transformer described is designed to pump hydraulic oil at a flow of 100 GPM with a pressure rise of 4000 psi, and does this work by utilizing as a power source the flow of RP-1 rocket fuel at a pressure of 1900 psig. The Hydraulic Transformer built to handle this combination of flows and pressures, unprecedented in such devices, has a weight of only 70 pounds for the first development model. The development of this unit is discussed and future development improvements are mentioned.
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