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  • satus-icannuprogepofiscyear1964.pdf

    This report encompasses the progress made by The Boeing Company on the Saturn S-IC Program for the fiscal year 1964 (From July 1, 1963 through July 2, 1964). The main objective of this report is to serve as an historical presentation stressing Boeing accomplishments and present capabilities under Contract NAS8-5608.
  • Satus-ic1965.pdf.pdf

    This Annual Progress Report has been prepared by the Boeing Company to fulfill the requirement under Article XXX, Paragraph A and C, Modification 100 of Contract, NAS8-5608 as amended by NASA letter I-MICH-DB, dated May 19, 1965, B. H. Aldridge to E. S. Olason. Subject: Change of NAS8-5608 to incorporate Quarterly Technical Progress into the Annual Progress Report.
  • d5-13197.pdf.pdf

    This Manufacturing plan is prepared in response to the Apollo Applications Program request for proposal No. 1.1.; PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to present a Boeing plan for the manufacturing effort required to provide hardware and support for the installation and checkout of Experiment Packages and related equipment in the Apollo Systems Modules.
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