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Werner Sieber Collection


Werner Hans Sieber (March 27, 1912 to April 3, 1995) was a guided missiles expert during WWII (Wade). He received his education from Technical University, Hanover (Lundquist). Sieber was taken to the United States through Operation Paperclip, where he joined von Braun's Rocket Team. By 1960, [Sieber was the] “Head of Measuring Consoles and Instrumentation Division, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Test Division, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center" (Wade). “In the February 1969 MSFC Directory (five months before the first lunar landing) he is listed as Chief of the Test Instrumentation and Control Division of the Test Laboratory” (Lundquist).

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    The pamphlet uses a cartoon character named "D. B. Noyes" to explain to the public "the nature and effects of the noise which Saturn makes during static firing tests."

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