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William A. Mrazek Collection


William A. Mrazek Collection


William Anthony Mrazek “(October 20, 1911 to February 8, 1992)” received his education at Deutsche Technische Hochschule, Brünn, Germany, graduating with an engineering diploma in 1935 (Wade, Lundquist). Mrazek worked at Peenemünde from 1941 to 1945 as a loads engineer (Lundquist, Wade). He worked with Wernher von Braun at Peenemünde.

Mrazek was brought to America through Operation Paperclip and arrived at Fort Bliss on April 8, 1946 (Wade, Lundquist). In 1950, Mrazek moved to Huntsville, Alabama, and worked for the U.S. Army’s rocket programs until 1960.

By 1960, Mrazek became Director, Structures and Mechanics Division at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, and by February 1969, he became the Assistant Director for Engineering for Industrial Operations (Wade, Lundquist). Mrazek later served as the “Chief Engineer for all Saturn development and fabrication work, reporting to the Saturn V Project Manager,” from “1965 to 1970” (Lundquist).

Mrazek retired from the Marshall Space Flight Center in 1973 (Lundquist).

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This collection is digital only. This collection was generously lent to UAH for digitization by Ursula Mrazek Vann.

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