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Gerhard Reisig Collection


Dr. Gerhard Reisig was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1910 and died in Moorhead, Minnesota in 2005. Reisig attended the Nikolaischule through high school. He received his engineering degree from the Technical University in Dresden, Germany, and he later earned his doctorate in engineering from the University of Braunschweig, Germany.

After working for the Siemens Co. in Berlin for several years, Reisig joined the Wernher von Braun rocket team in Peenemuende, Germany. Brought to the United States through Operation Paperclip, Reisig moved with the team to El Paso, Texas in 1946 and then to Huntsville, Alabama in 1951. He first worked at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency, then at the Marshall Space Flight Center, remaining with the rocket team until his retirement.

After retiring, Reisig taught for a year at Concordia College in Moorhead as a visiting professor of physics. He continued working on various projects and authored a comprehensive history of rocket technology. Reisig regularly participated in space-related meetings and gave lectures, and he maintained contact with scientists in many countries. Dr. Reisig is the author of "Raketenforschung in Deutschland."

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