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Photo of Frank Shorland Scrapbook

This photo was taken of the Frank Shorland scrapbook at the University of Warwick's Modern Records Center and is a part of the National Cycle Archive.…

Many Records Broken CCCC 1892.pdf

Cuca Cocoa Cycling Challenge Cup

This is a brief article about the Cuca Cocoa Challenge Cup and is mainly discussing the atmosphere and the records broken in brief.

More about the Cuca Cup 1936.pdf

More About the Cuca Cup

This is an article about the Cuca Cocoa Challenge Cup over 40 years after the event took place and specifically discusses the second cup and the…

Russian 1892.pdf


This is an article written in Russian with an image of Frank Shorland in it. The origin is unknown.

The Cuca Race 1892.pdf

The Cuca Race

This is a page from the scrapbook that contains part of article about the Cuca Cocoa Challenge Cup race and the hour by hour breakdown of the 1893…

NCU Records 1892.pdf

The Records of 1892

This is a table of cycling records from 1892 as compiled by the National Cycling Union. Contains path and road records as well as a cartoon of a…

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